[H] <MinuteMen> 8/8HM LF Healers

Area 52
Minutemen is a Horde guild that recently transfered from Kargath to Area 52. We made consistent progress throughout Cataclysm and were 8/8HM in the final tier. Due to people not server transfering and people swapping roles for MoP, we are presently looking for 2 healers to join our primary raid team. We are specifically interested in a Paladin and Druid to fill these two slots, but any competitive healer should apply.

We are also looking for DPS with tank/heal off specs that can circulate into our raid roster.

We raid Thursday and Sundays from 8pm EST - 11pm EST.

We ask that if you apply, you be serious about raiding. Who we're not looking for are undependable players who only show up 50% of the time or continually show up late. We're looking for people to have primary positions on our roster, so only contact us if raiding full time is what you're interested in.

If you're interested, please contact Havóc (alt 162) or Korir. If they are not available, please feel free to speak to anyone in the guild (save Bravd, he's a D**k) and they'll point you in the right direction.
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