Rocket Chicken Pet

I am selling a Rocket Chicken, I am taking offer's but I will not be low-balled. It is a $125 pet and will not be sold very cheap. I am taking offers for the pet or trades perhaps if I feel its a proper trade. This makes a great pet for those who collect or like to pet battle! I will check the thread every hour for updates.
how much would you be willing to sell it for?
If you could just message me in game and we can discuss it :), I do not know my alt code sadly so /who mageyo if you didnt know. Hope to talk to you soon!
LOL 125 dollars? Not worth it
Did I say I was selling it for $125? No I stated how much it costs Im actually selling it far less than what its worth equivalent to gold. So you can leave now retard
Are you interested in trading it for a few other rare pets including darkmoon rabbit?

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