Are you enjoying playing rogue in MoP?

Based on all of the threads and posts in these forums the majority answer should be pretty obvious. The point of this thread is not to whine or complain about balance or how 'this sucks.' It is to simply to tell blizzard why you are (or are not) enjoying playing your rogue in MoP. With any luck this will at the very least get us a blue post or SOMETHING. There is nothing more frustrating right now than the lack of information. I will begin as an example of how you should do this.


Dear Blizzard,

6 years ago I quit Final Fantasy XI to play World of Warcraft with my cousin. In FFXI I played a Thief/Ninja so when I switched I chose the closest class in WoW to that. Thus my rogue was born. This was the first toon I have ever rolled and to this day, now six years later, I am still here playing this same rogue. I have tried playing and leveling other classes, but I always get them to a certain point and think "I would rather go do XYZ achievement, dungeon, etc. on my rogue than this." I play a rogue. Pure and simple. I am not going to be switching classes.

This is what I find fun. The stealth gameplay, the pick pocketing (and vanity items from it!), etc. However, with the release of MoP, I am just not enjoying playing my rogue anymore. Don't get me wrong. I am still enjoying WoW in general (give the man who voices Loremaster Cho a high-five!), but the rogue gameplay and mechanics are frustrating and annoying. The rogue class is simply not fun. With the strong focus on making the game 'fun' that was preached before release I honestly expected much better. Run-on sentences aside; something really needs to be done. Playing my class should be exciting and enjoyable. It should not make me angry, frustrated, or annoyed simply by the way my class is meant to be played.

I am not an elite raider or PvPer, but I do enjoy both and wish to participate in both. I am not a number cruncher or min/maxer; I simply want to have fun with my friends. Can you make that possible?

TL;DR: Long time rogue. Rogue gameplay in MoP is just not fun.
Fun is the perception of the player. You can't determine what is fun for one person as it might be fun for the other. People who complain and say its not fun don't want to have fun. There is more to this expansion than just the class changes and the 'balance' that people constantly cry for to take our minds off of it. PvP or PvE, regardless of what you do, if you don't find playing your class fun then its just your personal opinion. Those who follow suit, or follow specific people like they are a god, will do what they want and either stick with it (complaints or not), or reroll to something else (FoTM if so wish to call it that).

I, for me and me alone, always enjoyed playing my rogue and I always will. While things are currently a setback its just that new expansion smell and stigma that always happens every time a new expansion drops. I'll continue to sneak, steal, sap, blind, and cheat my way through this expansion.
I did some arenas today, it was brutal. no survivability, no mobility, and no damage. getting !@#$ on by career challengers who can manage to click overpower a couple times.
I enjoy the my rogue. I feel a little squishy and I feel like I'm always waiting on a cooldown. I have to vanish, blind, evasion, or cloak all the time either because I'm bugged or because I'm so squishy I can't take what I feel other classes can seem to take without using cooldowns. Grass is greener though.

I probably wouldn't mind as much if we either weren't so squishy or the cooldowns were more available. I feel like having preparation available in the talents has now forced longer baseline CDs, whereas before I had the option of a low level talent to reduce cooldowns on blind and vanish. Both of which I use quite frequently. Even doing dailies.

The talent pissed people off because its on the mobility tier and those that hate prep like me have to put up with being balanced around its presence. Even though we don't have an option to passively reduce cooldowns.

Not a big deal, the class is playable and fun, and I know better gear will help relative to the current content, but right now I feel a little frustrated at times watching tanks capable classes pull the whole zone, caster running around dotting everything while I'm stuck running from one target to the next trying to compete. I would hate life without burst of speed.
definitely not. this game is so broken right now, im not cryin for rogues, other classes lost the fun to play as well, this new talents tree is a completely joke.
Responding to the thread title...yes
There is a big difference between enjoying the class and enjoying the expansion. I am rather enjoying a lot of the additions to the game. It is just the class mechanics itself that is driving my frustration to a breaking point.
Ill be the one to give you an oxymoron answer.

I do enjoy my rogue I really do, but pvp for me has lost all value. I began playing (awaits rolls of eyes) back in 4.1 and rogue was the first class I rolled. I did bench him for a short while as the group me and a friend were levelling needed a healer so I levelled a sham healer (my second main).

Ill not lie im not the best rogue in the world (and I sure has hell am not close to being one of the worst), yes I found cata fun as a rogue (even before the sordid legendary daggers).

After talent tree updates (5.0.4) I found a way to make it fun, so cool and even after MoP dropped I had fun levelling in nothing but cata gear and daggers from 85 - 90 (no gear change at all).

But thats where my fun has now stopped. Did arenas and I spent more time feared, stunned, frozen slowed more than I was able to slow my targets etc. Ok thats cool, so DPS...out dps'd every time. I mean I struggled taking down a warrior with his 3% healing every 1 sec at 35% or below health ffs. And I had a healer, he was solo for some time. I literally had to line up most of my cd's perfect (took 3 attempts) to down him. and only reason I down him was cause he didnt have all his cd's up for cc'ing me.

So recap, I love my rogue, wont delete him, first toon I levelled to 90, but i no longer enjoy pvp on my rogue and will probs hang him out to dry on that gameplay :(
10/03/2012 12:13 AMPosted by Astanisone
I did some arenas today, it was brutal. no survivability, no mobility, and no damage. getting !@#$ on by career challengers who can manage to click overpower a couple times.

Thank god, I'm not the only one. It's been a while since I've apologised to an arena partner for being so absolutely useless.

"K I'll vanish his cd's, can you kite?...K opening again...K I gotta get outta here. Waddling to the corner, soz bro </3"
i find it really annoying watching every other class pull three + mobs and having no problem with them while I struggle with just one. This is the first expansion I wasn't max level within a day or two.
Did arenas. Stomped every team but one because I messed up and got blown up.

Rogues are Control bots again, your partner will do the majority of the damage, you're there for burst and locking things down, pick comps accordingly.

To answer the question: Once I got my 4 piece together and got used to hunky-chunk assassination again, yeah, I'm enjoying it. Maybe could get some more enjoyment out of a different class, but alas, I have not the time nor the energy to just up and pull out after 2 weeks of the hardest grinding I've ever done.
The short answer would be, no, I'm not enjoying playing the Rogue in COMPARISON to Cataclysm.

My opinion on Combat PvE has drastically gone downhill since Cata.

In Cata, I was a force. Topping DPS in LFR and usually 1st to 3rd in normals, I'm now finding my DPS well below the tank at around 35-50k, sometimes around 55-60 but not often.

MoP's current dungeons are throwing massive damage at me left and right. While I watch Ele Shams, Warlocks, Mages, Spreists and the occasional boomkin stand back and blast !@#$ as well as Warriors, DKs, Pallys and Monks blowing through things with their melee, mine seems to just be a waiting game on cooldowns if I want to give any sort of performance. Otherwise you find me running this way and that to avoid AoE or %^-* on the ground while being slammed with 60k here, 100k there from things I try my best to avoid/mitigate (Evasion, Cloak of Shadows, Vanish, Feint).

TL;DR: I feel like a ball of fluff in the current patch when in Cata I was equally on par if not slightly better then most other classes.
I love my rogue, yes im having fun
10/03/2012 12:03 AMPosted by Kiwe
Fun is the perception of the player.

I second this. I have not hit 90 yet and I only really PvE. I will always love playing my rogue.

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