Are you enjoying playing rogue in MoP?

Nothing beats perma-stealth. And since we're actually not bad in 1v1's, the world is my playpen.
I hear a lot of people talking about adaptation, but when vanilla rogues are quitting the game and high ranking rogues are rerolling classes I do not believe that adaptation is the issue. I have 3 accounts and multiple 85s (1 90) and never have I had a problem adapting to any of them. We are no longer a dps class nor are we a tank or healing class. We are now a utility class, which is worthless because every class has multiple utilities and could put out decent damage while they use them.

Am I having fun with my rogue?
I started playing this game when I was in the Marine Corps. It took my mind off a lot of things, it made me happy when I was depressed or pissed off, it relieved me of stress, and on top of all that I was really good at it! Now rather than getting me away from stress it causes more of it. I never get headaches but I got one the other day after spending so much gold on reforging, switching specs, and trying new glyphs to understand how exactly this class was meant to be played for PvP.

So... no. No I'm not having fun with my rogue at all. I quit PvE for this expansion because I was never really into it, I don't do dailies or quests unless it benefits me for PvP, all I do is PvP because THAT is what I find fun. I was so excited about how much PvP was going to be in MoP, but leveling a rogue really ruined that for me.

1v1 is where the pains of the class shine brightest.

What sorta people are you 1v1-ing?

The 85s at the starting point in Pandaria probably.
10/03/2012 12:03 AMPosted by Kiwe
People who complain and say its not fun don't want to have fun.

Exactly. That's why I'm leveling my mage now.

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