Do Shamans fit the Warrior Mage stereotype?

I want to roll a class that combines melee with magic, like Swordmages from DnD.

Do you think that the shaman class satisfies that type?
I'd say they're more like Clerics than your typical gish. Mail armor, healing, strong spiritual aesthetic... Yeah.
Closest thing would be enhance shaman, we melee and shoot lightning bolts.
It'd have to be Enhancement or like... Frost DK? That's about as close as it gets.
10/04/2012 04:05 AMPosted by Felocity

Shaman is not really like a swordmage. The closest spec is Enhancement and it really just plays like most other melee classes. The fact that some of your attacks will technically be spells is kind of irrelevant.

Truthfully, the vanilla 2h Shaman kind of played like a Gish - your magical weapon imbue was a huge deal, using the right shock on CD mattered and your ability to heal or turtle up w/1h and shield could turn the fight against a Warrior or Rogue. Anymore, Enhancement is just and awkward Rogue.
No class is like Shaman,

We're the supreme Class.

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