Does Asphyxiate Affect DR?

Death Knight
Like your ghoul stunned your target and he/she got out of it. Would it reduce the stun time when you use it again?

If it is, i'm not getting this talent b/c not only a reduced stun time... it also might reduce silence time as well.
only on stun dr
unless the target is permanently immune to stuns in which case it is considered a silence and would fall under silence drs
As long as you don't use it one after the other it shouldn't be an issue I would think. Dr lasts for like, 25 seconds I think and each stun is on a 1 min cd so you can go asphx, wait 30 seconds, dark transformation ghoul stun for best results. There's also a plethora of addons that can track dr's if you're like me and bad at timing it.

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