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I download mist of pandaria let all of the paches update then when i loged on to account everything was fine for about the first 10 mins then my frame rate went down to 2 and my latency shot up.

ive completly restored my computer and its still happening dose anyone have any suggestions?
if u mean my computer system specs then the model is Aspire X3400G the processor is AMD Athlon II X2 255 p\Processor 3.10 GHz the ram is 3.75 GB usable and the system type is 64-bit Operating System.

i hope thats what u where meaning (i dont understand a whole lot about the inner workings of my computer and am sometimes easly confused.)
Use HWMonitor to monitor CPU and GPU temperature while you have WoW in windowed mode. Report CPU and GPU temperatures after a while.
ok i put it into a windowed version and put a fan on it and it was fine for a while then suddenly my frame rate went down to 3.
What were the temps reported by HWmonitor when your frame rate dropped to 3?
ok im going to sound like an idiot but what is the HWmonitor?
A google search reveals..

I believe the info they're looking for is the "CPU" and "GPU Core" temperatures.

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