What class did you re-roll from to Monk?

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Rogue from Vanilla to WotLK
Paladin in Cata
Now tadah.
Ah..sort of..all of them.
I have a shadow priest that I have pretty much used as my main since the old MC days. He has been Horde and Alliance multiple times, as well as changed to different servers a few times. I still like him, but feel the need to for something else for a change.
Druid. I get to continue being a big fuzzy bear, but with a more interesting take on active mitigation.
Rogue pvp and feral druid as pve.

Honestly always wanted a monk its why I played a rogue and feral to start with.

And I have to say watching my timers on my feral has more then prepared me to tank on my monk. It's just like keeping up roar, rake, rip, combo points, and cooldowns. I think this is why I get nothing but praise when I tank a pug. I have even had healers ask me how I take so little damage when other monk tanks take so much. It's only natural to keep up shuffle and rotate guard with elusive brew.
I used to be a warrior/enhance shaman for most of my WoW time.

Ever sense Everquest,ive always loved a monk type class
I put my balance druid on the back burner for a while to work on this one.

Going from a Boomkin to a close-quarters melee class was a much bigger change than I thought, but I've been having a lot of fun with it.
Holy/Ret Pally
I still have her, and will probably still use her from time to time, but man, Mistweaving? Pretty awesome. I'm not max lvl yet, but the little healing I've done on this character totally felt a lot less frantic than my Pally's healing. I press a button and watch for when I have to press other ones instead of pressing all the buttons now! It's nice.

I also like how much more mobile the monk is compared to the Pally. With the latter, I had a single +move option: Judgement with the appropriate talent. The Windwalker monk has roll, FSK, Tiger's Lust... It's like I always have a button that I can press to go faster!

Prior the pally it was a DK, preceded by a Hunter.

I got tired of being stuck as a pure dps class.
(Shadow) Priest to Windwalker/Mistweaver monk.

Guild wanted me to be more of a hybrid, bringing healing and dps and swap between each readily. While the priest allowed that to happen with similar gear sets, spriests felt gutted, and windwalker feels more like what a spriest had in cata (lots of buff/debuff management to truly get the most out of the spec). That and mistweaver is a ton of fun to heal with!
I had an 85, or almost 85 of every class. My mains were,

Resto Druid in Vanilla,
Holy Pally in BC,
Ret Pally in Lich King,
Prot Pally then back to Resto Druid then to Mage in Cata.

Ever since I saw the pandaren brewmaster in WC3 I knew that if the class was ever available in WoW that is what I would play, no matter how bad it ended up being.
Vanilla - Warlock
TBC - Warlock/Warrior
Wrath - DK/Ret Paladin
Cataclysm - Holy Paladin
Blood DK.

And he was a reroll from a Prot Warrior.

What can i say? i like getting punched.
Shaman. Specifically Enhance / Resto. I'm going WW / Mist on this guy.

Note, I didn't reroll because of any belief that Shamans were being neglected, I rerolled because I wanted a three-way hybrid. I've already played a Paladin extensively in TBC, and I (for various reasons) can't stand the Druid playstyle.
I have a DK, but he has been getting really boring lately. I loved to play the Monk in D3, and in the beta it was super fun playing a Monk, so I decided to try one and I love it :D
Being an alt !@#$%, I didn't have a dedicated main. Although I did have a little too much fun with lolsubrogues in 4.3.
feral (cat) druid. played feral druid since vanilla when they were terrible, with a brief period of boomkin from sunwell through ulduar. They're a great class, but they seem to have fallen from the hybrid style i liked, even more so when blizz decided to separate cat and bear into two entirely different specs.

felt like it was time for a change.
Priest. Still very much like the class, but simply decided to roll a Monk at the last moment. Kinda surprising considering I've been playing that Priest since early Vanilla, and always made it a priority to level it before any other alts I might've had.
Death Knight.

Kinda got tired of the gameplay since they removed my tanking spec.

Enjoying my monk now though. Definitely more 'complex' then a Frost DK.
Currently taking place of my warrior as my top priority.I seemed to be having rage management problems as of late and monks just don't seem to slow down.

I never thought there would be a class out there that would make a warrior feel sluggish.

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