What class did you re-roll from to Monk?

Enh/Resto Shaman. Though my shaman has arch.. so I will probably level him one day.

Not out of having any issues with the class. We had lost an off-tank at the end of Cata and I offered to fill in for MoP- Lock was more of my PvP character by that point anyways, so not so much a 're-roll' as rolling a new PvE character.
Pally....had great off heals as ret but i need more sustainable damage, not just a ton every 2 mins...
While I didn't really re-roll from him, my Main is a Tauren Paladin.

Monk plays better, looks better, just enjoy it more.
Got tired of rogue's not having decent aoe it seems like, same with enh's crappy aoe system.
Feral / Resto Druid.
Warlock, but I still plan to play my warlock as well.

Wotlk-rogue to druid tank to pally tank


The reason i made a monk is for a new tank im kinda addicted to playing tanks
I hadn't played in months and months... Maybe a year or more, but my old main was a Holy Paladin.

I always loved Monks in any game they're an option, and so here I am. I haven't tried Mistweaving yet, but I may down the line since I normally play healers. Brewmaster just felt like fun and hey, it is!
Rogue/death knight
Druid. I am paranoid about our guild not having enough of a particular role, so I tend towards the multitaskers. Had my druid since vanilla, but just could not stand the shape shifting.

When monks were announced, I started prepping right then and there. Will monks be as good? In the long run. I have complete faith in Blizzard to balance PvE. They have always done that very, very well.

I am not panicking right now, because blizzard (imho) low-balled the monk abilities on purpose. They were not going to repeat how Death Knights were in Naxx 2.0.

Kind of where I've been at with the whole thing too. Still, leveled Druid first just in case, but... just don't know which of the 2 yet. Bad at these kinds of decisions.
Mage, They're too brainless now. Just spam Pyro/inferno blast/ Deep freeze to win with your amazing shields. I remember the days...
I have a Rdruid and Rsham waiting on 90 while I work on this monk....heals of course.
From My main > alts

Vanilla- Hunter
BC- Hunter > Lock > Boomkin
WotLK- DK > H-Pally > Hunter
Cata- Hunter > Resto/Enh Shammy

Now its still my hunter, but Monk is looking like it might take over. I was just so upset after I started my Dwarf Shaman that they messed the class up so much. And Monks seem like they got the best of what could have happened with the Shammy. Enh and Resto were just bad at the end of Cata, wasn't giving me much hope.
Warlock, I'm not happy with the redesign. It was a step in the right direction but it lost the feeling of being a warlock.
Shaman. Been there, done that.

No me gusta nerfs.
Vanilla-BC: Warlock/Warrior
Wrath-Cata: Death Knight
Now: Monk.

I have always wanted to play a more avoidance-based tank and I find that the Brewmaster playstyle is way more enjoyable than my old DK's deathstrike spam rotation. Way more active rotation and I feel rewarded for using my situational skills effectively.
Vanilla - lock/pally
TBC - lock/hunter
Wrath - pally/hunter
Cata - hunter/druid

Run in a 10 man guild and we had 2 druids (myself and a resto), also wasn't real happy with the changes to my bear.

Am absolutely loving my monk though.

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