What class did you re-roll from to Monk?

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I've yet to decide while I am still leveling, but all signs are pointing to me making this new toon my main.

I first started playing end game in Wrath as a hunter and carried on throughout Cata. I really love hunters, but their charm - for me - was in their scarcity. I specifically picked hunter out of all the classes in wrath, because for 6 months + of raiding as an 80 lock/DK I did not see a single hunter in a raid. I decided to learn this rare class, whether it be because people thought they were difficult or because they weren't viable. I took my Hunter and I became the top DPS in any group/raid. Now I can't turn around without see more hunters in raids. I need something new to challenge me, because I need a new class to conquer. Something I can shine with. Brewmaster tanking has been an absolute joy so far and with the guides I've read I feel safe that I know the spec well. I am planning to play with MW and WW of course, but I think tanking will be my Mainspec. No other class since Hunter has caught my attention like Monk.

With Account wide mounts/pets and the upcoming rep changes (Having to grind the new reps over again would be enough to make me not make another 90) I really feel like this transition will be painless once I get past any learning curves in the following weeks.
Enhancement Shaman
10/06/2012 04:44 PMPosted by Shiojii

Ouch, that's a hard switch. Now you have half the damage and half the survivability, how does that feel?

feels good to beat them on even grounds lol monk is very different play style and unique really enjoying it

not sure about half the damage lol ....http://i.imgur.com/p6GWg.jpg

I'm amazed. I'm assuming you got that by merely spamming Spinning Crane Kick?
Resto Druid but I still plan on playing

My paladin and DK got left behind though :(
Shaman. Been shaman since vanilla. not even going to bother to level him for right now. Enhance is terrible atm.

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