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When the Giraffe Calf gained level 10, I switched to using the new talent (Bleat) and it doesn't become available in battle. Instead I am given the spell Headbutt and am unable to use it because it says I need to be level 4 to access it, which is strange seeing as I am six levels above that.
I just went to test this on my Giraffe Calf, and noticed that mine is bugged as well. He is level 15, and when I try to switch his first skill from "Hoof" to "Bleat", I end up with the skill "Headbutt" instead, with the same error message of "you must be level 4".

Also the bugged skill is showing up on the third attack slot, instead of the first, so right now my skills read "Tranquility", "Headbutt", "Headbutt". With the first headbutt being the proper one.

Have you reported this on the bugs forums yet?
It's a giraffe, they don't make any noise!

In all seriousness, knock out a few levels on pets that aren't bugged, you'll have a stronger team for it later on in the game and that your blood pressure wont be as badly effected *twitch*
I have reported it, but wanted to see if anyone else was having a similar issue. Thanks for the reply, Klinny.
Giraffes do in fact bleat in real life.
I've found three. Kept the Uncommon.
My rare is the same way. I've posted about it before, but not sure if Blizz saw it, so I'm giving this a friendly bump. Please fix.
My level 15 Girrafe Calf also has that same issue. Very bummed, but glad that my girrafe isn't the only one that's jacked :)
Still bugged, can not use Bleat. :(
yep this is bugged and BS fix this blizzard
I found like 4 after a reset...before that there were none...
If you kill all the regular giraffes in the area, you can force a spawn... but it takes a LONG time of running around killing. At least that is how I got mine. It was so much trouble, I didn't bother trying for a better quality one than the one I got.
Mine is at lvl 15 and doing this as well. Has anyone heard anything about this? Its frustrating.
I found one first go. Uncommon quality, very happy. Dont use it though. just looks cool
Yup my giraffe calf just dinged 10 and has the same issue with the Bleat ability.

Please fix this in a timely manner blizzard. We all worked hard to tame this lovely pet only for one of its best spells to be bugged.
Bumping this thread. My giraffe is 25 now, and the secondary (changable) abilities show as the right spells now according to the wow armory, but when I pick them and try to use them in an actual fight, I still continue to get the same bug.
Giraffe pet is good even without, but I fail to see why this hasn't been fixed.
Mine has the same bug, can't use Bleat (lvl 10) nor Stampede (lvl15). Mine is at lvl 15 now, so I don't know if the lvl 20 ability will work or not.

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