MSBT and a snare indicator trigge & removal

UI and Macro
Hi there. I am searching online but couldn't find and I am trying to set up a trigger where it will show a message that people are snared whenever I am using piercing howl and hamstring...

I tried to add the trigger put in %r is snared as the output text

Cast Success

Source Unit Reaction - Hostile
Skill Name - Hamstring
Skill Name - Hamstring
Recipient Unit Affiliation = target
Recipient Unit Affiliation = outsider

Any ideas for that and then one that will do the same thing when it is faded or removed etc.

Let me know if you can help :)
You want the message to trigger when you apply Hamstring to the target right? And then another message when it is removed?

Ok, one way is to use the Aura Application event.
Source Unit Affiliation - Is Equal To - You
Skill Name - Is Equal To - Hamstring

(or you can use Skill Id and lookup the id on wowhead [should be 1715] since sometimes mobs use Hamstring, not that that should matter since You are the source unit)

For the removal side use an Aura Removal event
Recipient Unit Reaction - Is Equal To - Hostile
Skill Name - Is Equal To - Hamstring

Mind you, the first trigger will not fire when refreshing the aura, only when it is applied (you'd have to make an Aura Refresh trigger)

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