Anyone get anything off the BM AH yet?

I've been by a few times, but there's never been any more than 2 items, and it's never been anything of interest to me.

Does anyone have any money budgeted for BM AH stuff? What do you figure is a solid amount to visit with?
A friend of mine very happily won the bid for the Kara mount that was up the other day. It was hilarious watching him stalk the BMAH for the last half hour of the auction. To give you a ballpark of prices, I believe that mount sold for over 30k, but IIRC there have been things up there for more than that. I'd probably pocket 100k before trying to bid on anything there, just to be safe.

I myself probably won't buy anything off of it unless it's very appealing to my tastes and I happen to have a lot of money.
100k? That's certainly doable.

The idea of bidding on mounts is great for me, because they're something I've always avoided acquiring in the past. Needing to get 4 of them was... problematic. But now? Buy one, everyone gets one!
10/03/2012 01:43 PMPosted by Antimony
stalk the BMAH for the last half hour of the auction

Yeah, I'm gonna be a murder machine when possible while waiting for my bids to win. Destroying everyone to save 10k gold? Sounds like a fun way to save money.

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