Looking for a Raiding/RBG Guild.

Hey guys, I'm looking to go hardcore in this expansion. I have been playing since Mid BC but I haven't been too hardcore with this game. I have been casually doing dungeons and battlegrounds for the other expansions but for MoP I want to change that.

Name: Mike

Age: 18

What Roles I can play: Brewmaster Monk (Raid), Mistweaver Monk(Raid/RBGs), Holy(Raid)/Disc(Raid/RBGs) Priest, Resto Druid (Raid/RBGS), Resto Shammy(RBGs), Prot (Raid)/Holy(RBGS) Pally

Times I am available (Timezone is Eastern Standard Time): Mon-Thurs. 4 PM-12 AM. Fri. 4 PM-Anytime. Sat- Anytime. Sun- 12 PM-12AM

A little Background on me: I was the leader of SPSD on APB Joker Server. During our reign in APB we were one of the top (legit) clans on the server and were very well organized. Later, with people from SPSD, I made a gaming community called Toxic Gaming and started to stream profusely. In Toxic Gaming we pretty much just went from game to game having fun. Some of these games were League of Legends, Battlefield 3, Diablo 3 and finally Guild Wars 2 (which obviously failed). The gaming community consisted of around 40 members at its prime.

What I am looking for: All I'm really looking for is an organized guild that is hardcore and participates in both RBGs and Raids.

Please just post with some information on your guild, or send a pm/in-game mail to Tianity

Thanks in advance.

EDIT: Forgot to add, I'm Alliance :P

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