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If one account is banned on an IP, will any other accounts created on that IP be banned? More specifically if the accounts are both owned by the same person.

I don't see anything in the rules against this, but I'm simply asking this question for the sake of other people's resources - I'd rather everyone be knowledgeable about this scenario, so they don't waste time or money creating a new account.
Blizz bans individual account, not all of your accounts unless you were doing something with all your accounts to warrant a ban.
Blizzard rarely (if ever) bans by IP, or even by name. So you get one account banned, you are free to start a second account, even under the same Battle.net account.
IP address has nothing to do with an account getting banned.

Nor does ownership or multiple accounts. Account actions are limited to the single account.

Except, hypothetically, in extreme cases.
Thanks for the info!

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