new mechanic suggestion "a cowards death"

everytime a melee character runs from another melee character in pvp
he should be killed instantly for his failure to compete in an honorable fashion

that would stop all the sissy ret pallies and dks from running like !@#$%es everytime their cooldowns aren't perfect and maybe inspire more skillful play

Better idea.

Contempt of Cowardice

Arms, Passive

Whenever you are struck by a player's melee attack, you enter a Champion's Duel with them for 20 seconds, putting the buff "Fight to the Death" on you for 20 seconds and the same, in debuff form, on the target. This buff is refreshed whenever you deal melee damage to the target twice consecutively, or receive melee damage twice consecutively. Being struck and striking them do not stack; you cannot have them hit you once and then you hit them once and have the buff refresh.

If the debuff expires on your target at any point, they are slowed by 70% for 6 seconds, and if Champion's Duel is not reapplied by you during that period, they are rooted for four seconds.

If the buff falls off of you at any point, your movement speed is increased by 10% for 6 seconds, and if Fight to the Death is not reapplied during that time, your Charge cooldown is refreshed.

Striking a target other than your current Duel target with two consecutive melee special attacks with begin the Champion's Duel with them, instead. Limit one target.

It would self-limiting due to DR, but melee classes would be unable to kite us, which they shouldn't be able to ever, frankly. Rogues could still vanish + sprint, but they're the only class for whom a case of fight-resetting is reasonable, and we'd still be harder to do that to than other melee.
Better mechanic still: Warriors get a cheap, spammable snare, we'll call it: 'Hamstring', which prevents enemy players from running away.
You could exploit the duel thing by hitting someone twice, then tabbing over to someone else and fearing them. Making your duel target run away and giving you all those juicy bonuses.
Problem to the OP's idea:

A melee is in the middle of the road in AB, and he engages a riding melee that is moving from a node to another for reason X. Melee #2 really wants to get to that node, tries to run away and dies. You know that would better benefit stealthers... and would be unfair.

I do try half of the times to run away from other melee when they engage me in the middle of the roads, especially if I'm needed elsewhere.

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