LVL 90 Mage and Lock LF Raiding Guild

Guild Recruitment
My friend and I are geared to be able to do heroics and are looking for a hardcore casual raiding guild that also likes to PVP. We are quick learners and have prior experience raiding in top guilds since classic. Ideally we'd like a 10 man guild on a PVE server. Raiding times which end prior to 11p.m. CST are preferred unless raids are on Friday or Saturday night.
MMOs before Hos is a group of long time friends and guildies that assembled on Lightning's Blade to play together. The guild as it stands has been around for about 2 years, and many of us have been playing together since Vanilla.

We raid Tuesday & Thursday 8PM-1130PM EST and occasionally add more days during progression (we will let everyone know ahead of time so people don't get left out).
We expect no less than 95% attendance, and we allow NO unexcused absences (Raiders are provided with cell phone #'s of officers to let us know when you won't be at a raid). We use a 5 officer loot council system that is based on PERFORMANCE, NEED, and ATTENDANCE.

If you are interested in joining please talk to Ðron in game, or add me on Real ID :
Guild Name: Exiles
Realm: Malorne (PvP)
Server Timezone: CST
Raid Times: Friday and Saturday 10:30 p.m.-1:00 a.m (currently)
Guild Master: Mikhead

<Exiles> is a relatively new 10 man guild started at the end of May. Our first tier of content went very well, in a little over two months, we were able to clear 8/8H DS. As with any expansion turn-over has happened. With that said, we are recruiting dps for core spots!

Classes Desired:
Death Knight: DPS (Medium)
Druid: Kitty (Low)
Hunter: Closed
Mage: Open (High)
Monk: DPS (Low)
Paladin: Closed
Priest: Shadow (Medium)
Rogue: Open (Medium)
Shaman: Elemental (Medium)
Warlock: Open (Medium)
Warrior: DPS (Medium)

Even if your class need is low, I encourage you to contact me via Real-ID (see above) if you have legitimate interest in joining this up and coming guild.
Here is the quick info.

For More Information about the application process visit:
Zug Life is probably the oldest guild on Cho'gall; we're currently enjoying our 6th year together (2/14/06 - Yes, Valentines Day). We finished tier 13 ranked US 148 and World 452 for 25 man raiding. That said, you probably haven't heard of us and we like it that way.

We raid Weds, Thurs, Sun from 8:30-11:00 server time (CST).

Given our very short raid week (7.5 hours), we focus on efficiency and making the most out of our raid time. With only 2 out of the 3 night being required.

Although we do not race other guilds in progression we always have, and will continue to, progress very well for the hours we commit to it. If this sounds like something you'd be interested in, please check out our website at : There's a pretty good "About Us" post in the Apps forum as well as a post that explains how to PM your app to the officers.

Also, feel free to contact Caneshealer, Myself or any Zug Life member if you have additional questions.

We are currently in need of a core Warlock as we have none at the moment for our 25 man group. We also need 1 mage to fill out our roster. You and your friend would fit in well.

My BattleTag: Jitmo#1463
Ideally we're looking for a 10 man guild.
We're a 25m guild, but looking for a mage and lock!!

We are always looking for outstanding, situationally aware players who enjoy min/maxing and theorycrafting. Feel free to add me on realid, email or gtalk For fastest response, please email or pm via our website!

Guild Name: Occasional Excellence

Realm: US, PVE, Quel'dorei, Alliance

Progression: All 25 man - TT14: 1/6 13: 8/8H T12: 6/7H

Raid Times: 7:00pm-11:00pm CST, Tuesday and Wednesday (trash at 7:15, ontime is 7:25)


Age Requirement: 18+ required, 21+ preferred

Occasional Excellence is a group of adult, mature raiders that share a common vision: a skilled, progression raiding environment with a reasonable raiding schedule. We take raiding seriously and progress quickly, but we refuse to lose sight of what’s truly important – having fun and maintaining balance. We are an all adult guild, 18+ required, 21+ preferred. OE guild members are adults and act like adults. We treat each other with respect, and in doing so, earn it. If you enjoy linking meters, use terms like ROFLcopter on a regular basis, and want everyone to worship you for the divine gift to WoW that you are, then this guild is NOT for you. If you thrive with a bit of constructive criticism and understand that raiding takes a whole team, not just one elite dps/tank/healer, then consider us!

OE is a guild comprised of skilled raiders who are experts on their preferred class and often many other classes. We expect our raiders to remain current with their theorycrafting and to maximize/minimize in every possible way. Our raiders have strong situational awareness and are always looking for ways to improve.
Hi there, representing Bangarang, a semi hardcore two night a week raid group. We're looking for two dedicated dps to join us Thursday and Sunday nights, 9pm to 12am EST. Our raid comp would love a Mage, and your Lock friend would be a bonus as well.

We're in the late twenties age bracket, all with our mundane day jobs but still love to escape into WoW. Our chief focus is making the most of our two nights a week progression, as well as exploring everything else the game has to offer.

Please contact me Alliance side on Bleeding Hollow and I will be happy to share our guild goals and culture.

Good evening. Your initial post does not provide much detail so I will post in hopes that I may have an offer interesting enough to you and your friend.

In short, I am going to point you to my Official Recruitment Thread. It has the information you will need posted there.

I wish you the best of luck in finding yourself a new home and raid team. I hope to hear from you.

- Sajakain, Guild Master, <Kungfucius>.

Official Recruitment Thread:
Also PVE servers are preferred.
Looking for a serious guild pushing competing for server first progression come MoP?

We are currently 4/6 and top 50 10m.

<Ivy League> is a level 25 horde guild on the US server Area 52.
Made up of the core raiders of a previously top 70 US, top 200 World Tier 13 25 man guild. We strive for nothing but the best players.

What We Are Looking For:
We look for players that strive to maximize their own personal performance while not hindering the rest of the raid group. Players that research their own class, and boss encounters prior to raid.

Recruitment Needs:
One Exceptional DPS

Raid Times:
Tues: 8pm-12am EST
Weds: 8pm-12am EST
Thurs: 8pm-12am EST

Where to Apply:

You can contact me in game or via RealID:,
Hey we're PVE, but 25-man, check out our recruitment thread:

Feel free to message if you have questions :)

Raiding times which end prior to 11p.m. CST are preferred unless raids are on Friday or Saturday night.
Hey There,
I have messaging you here on behalf of my guild 'Fun House' from The Forgotten Coast server (Horde Side). We are a 10man guild looking to become Top 100 US (Which we will probably get). You seem like a legit player looking to play with the best. I would like to speak with you a little bit more about possibly joining us. If you are up for the challenge and find any of this interesting then please feel free to contact me in game on my RL ID.

Real ID:

Thank You and Best Regards,

We are only considering guild which have 2 spots open. Thanks.
Hi Alayis,

Afraid of Elementals has particular interest in Caster dps. We're looking for 2-3 casters to help round out our roster to support our two 10man groups as we dive into MoP. We're Alliance on US-Elune PvE (medium pop). We raid only two days a week - Tues & Thurs 8:15-11pm EST. We have several players that enjoy BGs and arenas.

You can visit us at <>, or please feel free to add my battletag - Business#1300. I look forward to talking to you.
Guild run rbgs is much preferred.
[Horde] Visage - Mal'Ganis 25m MOP Progression
Guild contacts - Napoku, Cruxific, Tottemz, Câmp (â=alt+131)

Visage was formed from a group of friends that wanted to raid together and so we formed in
Jan of 2012. Some of us had raided previous expansions together while some of us came
together in Cataclysm. We are a group of people that want to have a good time playing with
one another.Raiding We raid few hours a week, but we take are raid times seriously. We
strive to avoid an elitest attitude, crazy raging raid leaders.

Currently Recruiting the fallowing.
  • Resto Druid
  • Mistweaver Monk
  • Rogue
  • Mage
  • Warlock

  • Raid Times

    Tues, Thurs 7:15 - 10:45
    Sunday optional with vote on Thursday. (If we have 20 that vote yes we raid Sunday, the 5 that vote no are not required to be there and we will fill the 5 spots for that Sunday. If we get 19 yes, then we don't raid that Sunday)
    Invites go out 6:50 server. If you are going to be late it is your responsibility to get in touch with an officer.


    One no call no show is a demotion to trial.
    Two no call no shows is removel from the roster.

    Raiders need to keep 87% attendance for a Tier.
    Things that will not account for that are:

    Work Emergencies
    Family Emergencies (if in question talk to an officer).

    2012-2013 Raid Breaks

    November 20th - November 26th
    December 25th - January 2nd
    March 31st
    May 12th
    May 24th - May 29th
    June 16th
    July 3rd - July 8th
    Augest 31st - September 4th

    Roster Expectations
    We will have a competitive roster. If you are underpreforming we will
    give you two weeks to fix w/e issue you have. If you do not, then
    you will be demoted to trial and will have your slot filled. If you fix the issue while on trial, you will be able to get the next open slot if you're still interested.

    We will be using a Loot Council for Legendary items, Tier gear, Weapons (includes off hand)
    and Trinkets. Everything else will be a free roll.

    Vent Communication. During the pulls the only voice speaking out will be the Raid Leader.
    If there is something you need to bring to the attention of the raid, do so and when acknowledged
    go back to being silent. Trash, reforming, and similar times are free to bull !@#$ with one
    another. So leave the comments about Napoku failing to move till after we wipe.

    Trial Raiders
    There is a minimum two week trial period.
    The two week trial status can be extended longer.
    Trials get the hard jobs "ie linking, kiting and so forth to test them"
    Trials only get loot if raiders dont need the item for MS.
    Trials have to maintain 100% attendance for the trial period.

    Raid Lockouts
    Depending on the loot table and current progression. Extending a raid lockout will be
    determined solely by the officers and it will be at their discretion.

    In Raid Breaks
    During progression, their will be a 5 min break. On farm their will be a 10 min break
    given between 9:30: 9:45. If you need to go afk, you need to let the raid leader know.
    If no response from the raid lead, then let an officer know.
    About Us:

    Legacy has been playing together in one form or another for the past 20 years. We are a casual, fun-loving community that focuses on all aspects of the game from: Raiding, Leveling, Achievements, PvP and Guild Activities.

    Currently we are only a lvl 5 guild, but are working diligently to get up to lvl 25, and to do that we need your membership.

    We are a progression guild as we have cleared all Vanilla and BC content, and were in the middle of clearing WolK when real-life commitments took a toll on our guild. We have not raided any Cata. content as a guild, although we do have members now that have done so.

    Our members are coming back for MoP and will begin clearing content again. We are typically a 10m Guild but are seriously up for 25m if we get the people.


    - All experience levels: Beginner to Experienced
    - All levels: from 1 to 90
    - Players: Hardcore, Softcore and Casual
    - All classes are accepted
    - All roles are still open

    What we are looking for in members:

    - Members that are willing to learn and to teach.
    - Members that will stay the long run, thru ups and downs.
    - Members that are willing to assist the guild in growing and its member base.
    - Members that are mature and fun-loving.
    - Members that utilize Ventrilo and our website regularly.

    If you are willing to get in spread your knowledge, or if you are just returning, or new to the game, or just want to throw in a character and play casually, then this is the guild for you.

    Everyone has started some place and every guild has started at the beginning, Make Legacy your home, Make Legacy its namesake… A Legacy!


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