idea for queue times

95% of the time I log on, I do not care what server I play on. I do not want to transfer servers because of friends and the number of toons I have here. But most of the time I do not care.

It seems that there should be a way that when you sign in, you can elect an "any server" option. If you elect this, you are put on any server that is open. During this option you could not trade, visit bank, use auction house, mail items, etc. But you can quest, farm, do battlegrounds, sell and buy from vendors, etc. If you elect "must be home server", then you wait in queue.

This would not only allow everyone to get on, but it would shrink the queue problem. As it is today many people never log out because they know they cannot get back in. At least half of the toons I run into while questing are AFK for hours. If they know that they will get back in to a server to continue questing a lot of them will let their toons log out.
I would settle for even allowing me to play on a different server (with toons I have made on that server meaning - not the toons on my home server) while still being queued for the home server... when that server is available for me to login, I get a button that logs me in to character select of the home (Illidan) server.

Right now, WOW is nothing more than a distant memory and a really dreadful forum.
i would take a xfer to ANYWHERE

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