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It already happened back in vanilla with the corrupted blood 'plague event', which the zombie event was planned to emulate slightly when WotLK came out
No, nothing like that. We plan to use a lesser part of the Plague, the actual virus. This won't turn you into some Scourge-thing, but instead a very ill person who can spread this through the air or contact with anybody. Think of the IRL Anthrax, but much lesser. Nothing too over-powered, something Steelmane will use on their blades while using gas-masks in the cities to avoid illness, and have weekly vaccinations to boost their immunity to it for another week.
If it's a weekly dose, it's not a vaccine so much as some other form of prophylaxis. Very few vaccinations need to be ongoing - it's mostly between one and three injections, spaced weeks or months apart, to ensure the immune system is able to handle it. It then doesn't really wear off particularly quickly (often, not ever. It does in children and adolescents, but the immune system is rather less established and less able for children and undergoing a lot of confusion in adolescence).

You're looking more at something like a specific antibiotic or herbal supplement that is particularly effective at suppressing the plague.
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We fight a big plague old god demon of the Burning Legion.

don't give blizzard ideas

Sargeras is Khorne enough

we don't need a Nurgle

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