Part 2: NVIDIA driver crashing

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Last thread capped. Some good ideas inside.

Some of you with issues try my version of a "fix" please!

I did three things.

1. Open the nVidia Control Panel and go to the Manage 3D Settings page. Be sure you are on the "Global Settings" tab. Scroll down and find the "Power Management Mode" setting, and change it to "Prefer Maximum Performance".

2. installed a NEW version of Precision

3. Turned on auto fan control.
Dankorii, I did as you requested, cleaning out the drivers and reinstalling the new ones. The video system still crashes at least 2-3 times per day but it doesn't seem to be crashing as much as it did. Progress, but still not solved.
bumping this because people still have issues and we still have received any real responses or updates on what blizzard thinks this is.
Right the trouble I've been through getting a character on the US forums. I've got exactly the same problem and I've had to change my graphics card because of it! I had and have a GTX580, I had the same problem and at some point the nvidia drivers stopped working all together to the point where other games did not work, with like graphical tearing and pretty colours, you know the symptoms. No amount of reinstalling the drivers worked so we reset windows, no change, still bad. So in the end we had to get a new graphics card from Novatech (the computer company we bought the computer from) with the warranty we still had with them. This is extreamly inconvenient and the problem is not happening once again. I really hope the problem is solved soon, I love wow and I love my computer so I don't really want to play it if it's going to break it again.
Sorry about it not making much sense. To summerise; I've been through two graphics cards and the problem persists, I am on my second one and no other games are effected but my last one seemed to have spread. Making minecraft, half life and all the Blizzard games unplayable, resulting in blue screens and scarey sounds from my computer, this is what made me think it's my fault. However now it seems to be just WoW again so I have no idea what's going on, I've done almost everything you guys say and theres still no solution. I really want Blizzard just to say "Ok our bad, just don't play wow for about a week and we'll fix it, just to make sure your computers are safe so don't play it" or something :/
We need a solution, pronto. At the very least we need telling that this is a problem and they will fix it. It's been a month now :/

I am running with a Galaxy GTX 460 and, like many of you using NVidia cards started to have problems after the patch and the near-simultaneous release of driver bundle 306.23. I was having serious issues with everything from overheating to graphical and sound problems, misdrawn frames, and blue screens. However, I am pleased to say that after MUCH wrangling, I have discovered a solution to the problem that I hope will help the many, many people out there as frustrated as I was.

Ok. detail, here was the fix:

-Manually uninstalled the NVidia PhisX drivers in add/remove programs. (This is absolutely necessary because the NVidia installer, even when attempting to perform a "clean" install will not roll back the PhysX drivers)
-Install the 301.42 driver set from the Nvidia site, ensuring to check the "Perform Clean Install" check box.
-Install the 306.23 driver set, making sure to us the 'Custom Install' feature to NOT install the 9.12.0604 PhysX drivers (which seem to be the root cause of the problem)
-Restart the machine.

I have about 4-5 hours of playtime with these settings (I am once again using the DX 11 API) with zero graphical or sound problems. After checking the forums, this is not a WoW specific problem as people have reported problem with a wide variety of games. I myself tested the new driver set with Batman: Arkham Asylum and DC Universe Online, and had issues similar to those I was having with WoW.

Hope this helps!
@Darsus , It appears that may have solved it, at least I'm not experiencing frame drops anymore on Ultra. Fingers crossed and guys. Good luck.
No luck, frames dropping again. I am sure the frame drops and the crashes are linked.
Now I cant even get 60 fps in high graphics. I'm not even in Ultra. My graphics card should not struggle with this :/
It's getting to the point where I have to lower my graphics down to medium at points- it's getting worse. Why should I buy a literal super computer if I have to play it in crappy graphics.
Try this fix from microsoft it solved my issues.
I'm having this problem too. I've noticed that leading up to it the game will have trouble drawing 2D textures (world map, background to 2D windows opened in game - i.e. character window, inventory, spellbook). The slower it draws the textures, the closer my machine is locking up. After one really bad episode I was able to exit out of WoW instead of crashing, and I saw that WoW-64 client was taking 14 gigs of memory in the task manager. I believe that the client is having trouble purging old textures.

I have had freezes in the whole of Pandaria, and it seems to be more frequent when I travel to several zones.

I have a nVidia 560TI GTX with 2gb mem and the 306 drivers.
Glad to see I'm not the only one.
Running a GTX 570, ran Guild Wars 2 like a champ, come back to play this and Im constantly dipping in FPS.
It's like we're a group with graphics cards that are apparently "too good" for blizzards care. A month with this problem and it still persists, it's actually damaged my previous graphics card. I have no idea how but I'm almost certain the problem originated with this.
So, decided to clean out my computer (dust), updated to beta drivers, and turned to high performance power draw. Its fixed all the issues so far. Good luck guys!
Getting random dots in the distance now. I really want it to be fixed.
bump sigh how many tears must we shed for this topic blizz>?
We're in this together, at least, if no one had created a forum we could of been off buying new hardware believing it was our fault .
Try this fix from microsoft it solved my issues.

Well it did not fix mine. Have you been posting that link in multiple threads?

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