Part 2: NVIDIA driver crashing

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This is something that a GM just told me after a few hours of waiting:

I'm actually using a GTX 570 at home and getting this exact same problem, it seems to be a possible issue with the current release of the Nvidia Drivers or either something that our developers need to tweak to ensure the client is running correctly along side the drivers.

I've had a look into your MSinfo and Dxdiag but everything looks fine, If the FPS is really bad, it might be a good idea to try clearing all addons and configs to ensure that none of these are causing the drops.
I'm having the same crashes you are talking about, and I have a GTX 570 too. The game will run fine for 10 minutes or something and then it crashes and my comp feels pretty hot, temperature-wise. Then I restart it, and load up WoW again and it lasts for a while longer but it still ultimately crashes at some point. There really needs to be a fix here, because I have never had any problems with any game before, and I have a pretty high-end comp. Definitely seems to be related to MoP and the new nvidia set.
bump for driver justice!
Bump once more!
Nvidia driver pride! (It's getting silly now I know but the case is still here)
Took me 2 times as long as it should of to lvl this toon due to constand "display drivers have failed" and restarts .It has gotten worse over past few day while lvling my pally almost to the point of me unsubing untill i find out how i can play the game as i did befor to make it worth the 15$ i pay every month.

I have tryed just about every sulation on the forums and nothing is working and the lack of blues posting on this is kind of disheartning.
I understand what you mean, we pay money to play the game and now it's getting to the point where we cant play, we're pretty much giving them free money when it comes to the fact the game is becoming unplayable due to this. I love blizzard, I really do, but it's getting stupid.
We pay for a -FULLY- working game. And the game at the current state does not work, to the point where it's potentionally damaging our drivers and graphics cards.
Got no idea why it just posted that twice
Im getting the same issues, right before it happens this wierd pixel pattern appears on my screen that look like little staticy "Z"s I have a Geoforce 570
Also i have noticed it almost always happens when i get on to the boat going to Stormwind from Rutheran
It seems to me that it is high populated area's (?). However I have had the problem once or twice when teleporting to dungs or just out in the open in pandaria. In the Barrens, once, I was able to turn up the Ultra without frame-spikes. As said before, I belive that the framerate drops and the crashes are related, making me think it's due to optimiseation.
I run the GTX 680M and I have the same issue with DX11. Switching to 9 lets me play uninterrupted but at a cost of about 1/3 of my FPS.
I am also suffering from this problem. I'm trying to keep these topics on the front page to remind Blizzard that we're not gonna just disappear. Well, we could, but they'd be out a subscription fee.
This is getting annoying. Sometimes when I play I get white lines in the background. I talked to a GM about it and they say it might be to do with my graphics card. I just got a new one like a few weeks ago so that makes two graphics cards broken because of this case. I am REALLY losing my patients- I'm sure they wouldn't want to pay for a new graphics card for each person who's had this case.
Bump. Everyone, try to keep these threads on the front page.
always keeping this issue on the first page...until we get a proper new response.
10/08/2012 01:00 PMPosted by Rukentuts
I run the GTX 680M and I have the same issue with DX11. Switching to 9 lets me play uninterrupted but at a cost of about 1/3 of my FPS.

Same here, I have a GTX 670 and DX9 is fine but I seem to get a little less FPS while DX11 is unusable because of the random driver resets. :/

At least Blizz has finally put this down as a "known issue".
DX11 may be causing crashes for players. Swapping your graphics API to DX9 may resolve these crashes.
check out my post the fix i found worked for me i have had ZERO display driver probloms/freezes.

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