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Not sure if this will help but it fixed my crashes and wierd splashes on graphics, i took the advice of other people fixes that worked for them and left my setting on this "performance over quality" in Nvidia settings, then bumped up my texture sampling by a notch to 2x and now my graphics looks great, perhaps this will work for others.

good luck guys
worked for a couple days, today up the sampling to 4x, do the standard delete WTF, Cache, Interface folders see how it goes for the next few days,
If you are experiencing screen freezes with blue or yellow squares scattered across your screen, I've found a solution. When this happens to me in game, I just spam my Esc key, and after a few seconds the screen will refresh and I can continue playing. It sucks to have to do this, but it beats forced restarts.
Having the same issues. Happens at least 2-3 times per night... Same errors as those listed. I am using an nvidia GeForce GTX 570 v 306.97...

Anyway, I'm trying some of the troubleshooting tips here........ Hopefully they work. I find this graphic crash very disruptive!
I am have an issue with my video card Nvidia Geforce GT 430. It keeps crashing on me.
I love how my GTX 670 works flawlessly with much more demanding games. Yet, I could be in Goldshire with no more than 10 people in town and my card will crash. This is a coding problem on Blizzard's end and it needs to be fixed. Tired of getting daily crashes sometimes during critical rated matches.
I just got back into the game after a year and a half away and I am having these random crashes. Blizzard support was no help other than the frequency of the crashes went down but still happening. Really sad to come back and have the game acting like this. I have a fresh install of wow and a 570 with latest drivers. Would someone mind relinking any troubleshooting steps that are available?
GTX 660 and I've:

-Changed from DX11 to DX9
-Changed versions all the way back to September
-Set to performance over quality
-Changed BACK to DX11
-Changed BACK to newest driver

Nothing has worked. The card will crash and recover frequently during play no matter what I do. Something is wrong on your end Blizzard because this card and this entire rig is brand new.
Same problem here it happened past on October but then it seems everything was fine, but today it started all over again and I'm happy that I'm not the oly one with this issue. I have recentlyupdated the NVIDIA driver to its last version updated on January 05th . Also updated all stuff available from Microsoft for Windows 7 64 bits today to check it out whether it could solve it, but nothing seems to fix the crashes and graphical issues. Some of them are even starting when i simply run the client, sometimes the issues begin 1m after logging in.
I too have had lots of probs i went back to running 310.64 so far so good they just put up 313 series beta don't even waste your time downloading it.
I've been away from the game for 5 months. This weekend I decided to pick up MoP and check it out. It was fine Sunday and Monday, although I did not play for extended periods. Now last night and this morning my video driver has crashed at least 6 times. I'm not sure what the issue is, having experienced no problems at any time in anything else over the past 5 months.
Now to come to the Tech forums and see that this problem is 4 months old.....
I had a similar problem. I performed a clean install of the current in Nvidia beta drivers.

    Nvidia update 1.12.12
    physX systems software 9.12.1031
    nview 136.53
    graphics driver 313.96

So far everything is working fine. Hope this helps good luck.
I have a fresh install of the game no addons and a fresh install of the driver nothing doing
Installed latest Nvidia Beta Drivers. 313.96 (Ive been trying every revision as well since panda launch)

top left

For the first time since the Panda Launch my system has not crashed with My GTX 590 while using DX 11.
No need for special card settings, lame voltage tweaks etc fine as is.

May work some, others may not, never know, but its worth trying it out.

Do a clean install under advanced in the driver install settings.
I find this issue Extremely annoying, no matter what I do I cannot play,. I have tried reinstalling drivers, changing power settings to prefer max performance, nothing works. I have a i7, 16gb of ram and 1.5gb dedicated graphics.... why am I crashing... it makes no sense that I can run battlefield 3 max graphics, but I cannot play wow on low...
Althou I´m still seeing at least a critical error per day, something that help me was updating the BIOS.
Okay I have some weird news. Since getting to 90 and gaining the ability to fly I have not crashed once. I am wondering if there is some game crashing bug in the ability checksum / instancing system....
After posting earlier about changing the sound settings on the graphics card i am back to square one. Randomly fixed it for a week and a half and now im crashing regularly again. Seems that if im in org just queing for dungeons i can go all day, soon as i enter pandaria territory i will start crashing again.. go figure
Down clocking worked for me. I have a EVGA superclocked GTX 570 which in hindsight was probably something I didn't need. I would have probably been better off with just a basic 570. Any ways, my card was crashing at least once a day, even with the latest drivers. So I just down clocked my GPU from the default, which I think was 798 to 732 and it hasn't crashed since. I tried some other solutions that I saw on here and none of them worked. The only thing that worked for me was to down clock my graphics card. Just wanted to share that.

This helped me

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