Personal thoughts and issues with warlocks

Does any one else find that demonic gate way is relatively pointless? It's a 5 second cast time do in pvp you will NEVER get it off and if you do most of the time it will fail because a shoe sized rock is in the way, not to mention it having 12k hp, and if you did manage to get it off and not hit a rock or bump the 15 second cool down just isn't worth it,

The level 90 talents seem pretty useless compared to other classes.... We get a crappy 500% aoe range? Whats up with that? The ONLY use for that is maybe imp drain life
And the passive 5%? Really ? Priest get a 100k aoe and we get to deal 1k back to them? Watch out!
And last not not least the cast time! Who really wants to spend 5 seconds casting a chaos boot or incinerate..

Couldn't it be something cool like " tame demons and permanently treat them
As your pet" or " seal yourself in a shell of darkness becoming immune to all attacks for 8 seconds and increasing your spell power by the damage you take " or " enables you to take control of your demon increasing its damage by 50% ( like eyes of the beast )" see these do not make a major difference but at least they are useful and interesting rather than aoe range....
Mind the spelling errors like "do" instead of "so" ect, was typed on iphone
As for your first point, theres a 5 page thread on the front page about this subject, so just gonna direct that convo there.

The 90 talents aren't amazing. MF is good for PvP, not great for PvE. You can blanket areas for anti stealth or massive range CC with the slow procs off rain of fire. KC is really good for heavy mobility fights but you have to make sure you dont accidently move while casting if you don't need to. You also want to make sure you have a stop cast macro if you use this just in case you mess up and move/cast when you don't have to. AV is a DPS increase without having to do anything. Also, you get a HUGE amount of damage return on cooldown. It's a constant 5% return of ALL DAMAGE. Your math may be a bit off returning 1k on a 100k spell, but sure. You know a burst is coming? Pop the active and return 25% of the damage coming to you. That doesn't mean just the damage your target is doing to you either. If you're getting focused, ALL of the damage everyone is doing to you gets reflected at 25% to your target. That's not bad.

Locks seem to have a lot more tricks than they used to, and yeah, maybe the level 90 talents are a little underwhelming (there are threads about it all over the place, you didn't have to make a new one), but they are in no means useless. Learn to use them correctly before you start crying to the forums and adding yet another thread about the same complaints.
10/03/2012 08:58 PMPosted by Antryz

There's your problem.
Don't forget the gateway also drops the flag so its one really good use is not possible...
You are reallllly single minded. Just because the BEST use for gateway would be porting a flag carrier doesn't mean that is the ONLY good use for it. Next you're gonna say that it should be able to ignore LoS like our personal portal does so you can get 5 people anywhere instantly.

Yes, it's not the best spell in the game. Yeah it tends to have not many great uses in PvE or PvP. Doesn't make it completely useless.

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