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The food service industry tends to lend itself to easy fixes, programming tends to be a little more difficult to sort through.
MMO dev, actually. Game is live. But thanks for crapping up the thread with being spectacularly non-constructive.


Defeating the Grand Master pet tamers on each continent now correctly unlocks all of the associated Pet Battle daily quests for characters of both factions on an account.

This is in the list of latest hotfixes. It also qualifies as being a hotfix that isn't a hotfix.

I got Taming Azeroth / Pandaria on 10/6/12. The Pandarian dailies have reset once and then never again since then.

I might not be the nicest person in the world but I can at least report a bug rather than do what you're doing, Symplexx.
Your co-workers still want to see you be mauled by a bear. Trust me.
The hotfix today didn't fix the daily problem for me - I cannot get dailies from the Eastern Kingdoms trainers. I finished the Kalimdor chain on this Alliance toon and I cannot get Kalimdor dailies on either alliance (which it is my understanding is working as intended) or my horde toons.
10/09/2012 06:53 PMPosted by Zarhym
For players that have yet to reach 40, the hotfix applied today should allow you to earn the achievement Taming the World when you do (instead of at 45).

I just defeated my 40th tamer (Ellekayne, on Kirin Tor) and was not awarded the achievement. Exiting the game and logging back in did not award me the achievement, either. I will take on the other five tamers tomorrow with the achievement tracked and see what happens.
10/09/2012 07:04 PMPosted by Aeolyn
How delightfully on topic. When something breaks at my job our hotfixes tend to actually solve the issue at hand.

If a car manufacturer had some guy that got drunk from glue one day on the assembly line and a few cars went out the door to a new owner, and THEN the manufacturer recognized that they have a problem, do you think the manufactuer's hotfix of the problem would fix the car that already went out to Jon Doe before the hotfix occurred. Hotfixes are like using bandaids to fix small problems at work, they PREVENT the problem that happened from occurring AGAIN. If you notice, they said they are working on a method to solve the problem for ppl already over level 40.
The Taming Eastern Kingdom Achievement is still not showing as achieved... even though I have all of the necessary pets, the pets that are still grey are Wharf rat, the Dragonhawk's, and Cockatiel. The Pet dailies dont allow "daily" access. And my traps are still the crappy wooden crate/ standard Trap.
After beating all of the tamers in Pandaria and relogging, I am still at 43/45 for the achievement 'Taming the World' and it is NOT showing earned. Mo'ruk and Seeker Zusshi are the two whose defeats weren't counted for me; I had the achievement tracked and took screenshots after each victory. Looking at the OP's profile, and the profiles of others, those are the two that aren't properly giving credit when you defeat them because they're not showing as checked off on the 'Taming Pandaria' achievement, even though the achievement has been awarded. Double-checked my own profile; even though they're checked off on my achievement in game, my profile doesn't list them checked. Hope this helps.
43/45 according to my UI. I do not see the 40 tamers achievement before that either. I had done this before the hotfix if that makes a difference. Thanks :)
I have 43/45 and I do not have the achievement completed.

I also have Taming Kalimdor completed, but it has not awarded me the achievement according to my UI.
have 43/45 and I do not have the achievement completed.I also have Taming Kalimdor completed, but it has not awarded me the achievement according to my UI.

Im having this same issue (along with a host of other issues).

I did the kalimdor ones but despite having them all compelted its not giving me a quest complete achiv. I have 43/45 also having defeated every one I had a quest to go to so unless theres 2 hidden ones...:/ But yea it hasnt awarded me the achiv. Tried fully relogging nothing.

Also ever since pre mop weeks I have not had my fetish shaman showing up as a feat of strength. It dissapeared from my list despite me having the pet D:

I love wow as much as the next guy but its a bit rediculous releasing patches and expansions that dont work and are super buggy. It should never be released live if theres still bugs in it. The bugs should be fixed before it ever goes live not released and then fixed at a later date. :/
I just hit 43/45 just now and i did not get the Achievement. The hot fix didnt work for me =(

Why are there blue posts on "small" problems like these and not on the HUGE problem that is unbalanced PVP?

I'm not saying they're less important, but they affect a significantly smaller number of the player base.

Can we also get a blue post on some of the arena forums that address the issues and our concerns with PVP?
10/11/2012 03:01 AMPosted by Eripsni
I'm not saying they're less important, but they affect a significantly smaller number of the player base.

I bet the number of pet battlers is closer to the pvpers numbers than you think, if not greater than. And don't forget people who do both. Not being involved in a part of the game personally doesn't equal others not doing it.
Was at 38/45 yeserday when I got tamer and hadn't done kalimdor. Did kalimdor today, achievement didn't tick for it even though they are all checked off, and now Im at 43/45 still no Taming the World either. wtb achievement points.
10/04/2012 06:49 PMPosted by Rebecca
my "Taming Kalimdor" Ach are all ticked... I'm just not getting the entire ach itself credited.

I have them all checked off but have not been given the achievement.
Broke the 40 tamers mark today, after rolling restarts. Was not awarded achievement when I beat the 40th, nor after re-logging.

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