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ya, i don't know. My tamer stuff is bugged I guess. when I look at my taming kalimdor, which i have as a completed achievement, on zang, alliance, I received the taming kalimdor achievement. But, when i look in pet battles it still shows it as uncompleted. with the small level 3-15 horde masters showing. 6 of them in total. When I went to go see if I could beat them on my horde character they all showed up as being beaten. So my progress on this is fubar.

I have 37/45 complete masters beaten, and I have the taming azeroth achievement. I also took zang to go see if he could do them, but the masters don't show up for him, so something is wrong. I need help heh.
Ok i got the achievment Taming Azeroth today, but, i dont have Taming Kalindor achievment, how come ? but i have the Taming Kalindor Achievment on my Horde char, but not on my alliance char ? something is very broken here.

this thread just show my theory about the WOW QA team is true

That finding all the bugs in a mutli million player game when writing on incredibly old code is hard?

No, that they all have stupid answers, like yours, because these achievments are new, so , new code, not old.
I have all the Taming achievements but am stuck at 37/40. What have I missed? I have beat all the Pandaren Spirit Tamers too.
Did you do the Alliance side?
I don't have any Alliance toons. Do you have to have an Alliance toon to finish the achievement?
Thank you all for the reports!

For players that have yet to reach 40, the hotfix applied today should allow you to earn the achievement Taming the World when you do (instead of at 45).

For those who have already hit 40 or higher and don't have the achievement, we're in the process of developing another hotfix to correctly award you.

and with that hotfix can you award the safari hat, fix the bugged dailies and also award the correct achievements for taming kalmdor and eastern kingdoms?
11/30/2012 05:50 PMPosted by Abandon
I don't have any Alliance toons. Do you have to have an Alliance toon to finish the achievement?

Yep but you can just make a level one, pick up the quests in Stormwind and then log back to Horde to actually do the quest.
Won't the alliance tamers be red to me if I do then as horde?
I believe the Taming the World achieve is still bugged. I have 39/40. I have done the Taming Azeroth achieve and still 39/40. I thought, ok, maybe there are different tamers. I got the quest for beating the spirit tamers. They are Grand Master tamers and I have beaten two so far, yet I am not getting credit towards Taming the World achieve. These are unique pet tamers and are not in the Taming Azeroth achieve. I should be getting credit for defeating them should I not?

Achieve still bugged. No answer from any blizzard rep. I thought they monitored these threads? I have now defeated all 4 spirit tamers and the darkmoon faire tamer and still stuck at 39/40. That's 5 pet tamers defeated without any credit towards the achieve. Can we get some sort of response please?
STILL don't have my hat and GM was unhelpful. (Nice, but unhelpful) :(
I just beat the Faire Tamer and now I am at 39/40. I don't know who else I can beat.
12/01/2012 10:01 AMPosted by Abandon
Won't the alliance tamers be red to me if I do then as horde?

No, they are neutral NPCs.
As of today, achievment still bugged. I have read the entire forum. I am 37/40 the only achievment i am missing is taming the world. I have tamed the world twice over, gimme my stuffs. TY
I'm 39/40 :(
I didn't even realize I hadn't finished the ach until I happened to catch it at 39/40 the other day. I just got on my Alliance alt and did one in STV real quick and got the ach. I don't think I've done any of the Alliance only tamers in Eastern Kingdoms previously.
Deductions...Pre 5.1 "Defeat 45 Battle Pet Trainers"

Eastern Kingdoms: 6 Alliance Territory ( Lower Level Pet battle uncontested zones.)
6 Contested Zone PBTrainers

Kalimdor same numbers 6 in Horde zones 6 in Contested

Outland:5 Northrend:5 Cata:4 Pandaria 7
Grand Total counting all Trainers=45

Post 5.1 Q changed to 40, However....

Uncontested Zone Pet Battle Tamers Removed from the Tally seemingly even if all ready done.
Bad math is bad....

Also stuck at 39/40.

Update: Logged into a Horde toon. Went and fought Zunta (Loc: Durotar 43, 28) achievement dinged. Again, bad math is bad. If you're stuck at 39/40 you need to get on an alternate faction toon and go fight one battle master for credit.
Ah okay I get it.. I have to do some on my Ally toons to get more than 39/40!! Okay.. fair enough but !@#$ing wish that was clear on tooltip or SOMETHING!
Don't just wave your hand and give people stuff. I can't speak for others but I want to earn this, not be handed it by a GM. It's worthless to me if it appeared because of a GM's action and not my own action.
I am stuck at 39/40 despite having defeated every single trainer out there. Rather upsetting in all honesty- also the feat of strength you get for defeating Grand Master Aki is bugged and wont appear in the FOS section.

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