Should I be doing more dps than this?

I am pulling 35k DPS on a 5 minute fight with a level 90 non raid training dummy. I asked my rogue friend with similar gear to DPS the same dummy and he was at 47k DPS. I know I'm not the best at hunter but 12k DPS? That just seems bad. I struggle to keep up with anyone in heroics also. Is it my gear? Here is a link to a parse i did.

Any feedback would help. Thanks!

Also note this is a non raider training dummy just the level 90 one, so expertise is needed but it wont make up for 12k DPS.
You should be doing less than any and all of your friends of the same gear and skill level :P Hunter is 10th of 10 for dps , by a wide margin. That said if you're good you can out dps poor players.

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