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A decision must be made. My soul cannot rest without confirmation. I need to choose. I began my journies Forsaken. A proud warlock under the left hand of Sylvanas herself. My soul, corrupt, twisted, struggling for a good cause. Years pass and I emerge, war torn, following in the footsteps of none other than Thrall himself. I, a shaman of the Frostwolf Clan, fighting under the red flag, waving proud as the elements come to my aid, have become... uneasy. As I reached my 90th trial I felt the cold hand of death resting upon my pauldrons. From behind me I heard a voice. It spoke to me. "Magtark," it said. "The Dark Lady requires your aid once more. Think of the power you once had. Think of the twisted minions under your command. Come back, come back and bring glory to the Forsaken!"
I still feel the urge, even now, to return to the old ways. Years of dark magic I had entrusted as a Cultkeeper, of the Undercity. I do not know which choice to make. My knowledge in the dark arts will prove exciting and useful, it will rekindle the long burned out fire I've held close for so many years, but will the ways of the unbridled elements prove more valuable, and will the guidance of my ancestors prove advantageous in the fight against the Alliance? I have yet to find out. I ask of you, my brothers and sisters of the Horde, which decision will prove stronger in my struggles, and which will calm my soul?
Samurai Druid cannot answer this for you, you must look deep within yourself and answer it yourself.

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