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Hello Guys,

I don't make a ton of macros but when I run into something that seems like it should be smoother I try to make a macro to make it so. Another time I use macros is when my toon is starting to get too many keybinds for me to handle.

On my hunter I'm running into a couple of problems with macros.

I tried to make the following macro but it doesn't work:

#Showtooltip Arcane Shot
/cast kill command
/cast arcane shot

What this macro was supposed to be was an extension of another macro that's the same other than it doesn't have Kill Command in it which orders my pet to attack the target I'm using Arcane Shot on (which works). Adding Kill command was supposed to make my hunter try to cast Kill Command before he casts Arcane Shot if he could. However, it doesn't skip over Kill Command if it's unable to cast it like I expected.

I'm used to macros skipping over a line if they can't carry it out. On my Warrior I made a similar macro where he tries to Execute the target each time he uses Heroic Strike which works like it's sopposed to (cast Execute if able, if not move onto Heroic Strike).

I don't know why my Hunter's Macro isn't working wereas my Warrior's did. Can you guys help me with this macro?

Another couple of macros that I tried to make were a modifications of my Petattack/Arcane Shot and Petattack/Cobra Shot macros:

#showtooltip Arcane Shot
/cast Arcane Shot

#show tooltip Cobra Shot
/cast cobra Shot

I added /cast Aspect of the Hawk into the second like of my Arcane Shot one and /cast Aspect of the Fox into the second line of my Cobra Shot one. These modifications were supposed to make it so when I went to cast Arcane Shot my hunter switched into Aspect of the Hawk for more dmg and into Aspect of the Fox while using Cobra Shot for mobility. This didn't work like I expected.

Each time I use the macros (for instance, casting three Arcane Shots in a row) my Hunter moves in and out of Aspect of the Hawk with each activation of the macro. This is because the macro is telling my Hunter to cast Aspect of the Hawk each time I hit the macro which cancels the Aspect if it's already up.

Is there a macro command that will put me into an Aspect (which is an aura) only if I'm not in it. For instance, if I'm in Aspect of the Fox and cast Arcane shot can I make it switch into Aspect of the Hawk while at the same time not canceling Aspect of the Hawk when casting Arcane Shot if I'm already in that aspect?

Thank you all for your time and I'm sorry for the long post.


/Edit: Minor Grammor Corrections
Kill Command and Arcane Shot are both on the GCD. You can't cast two spells on the GCD at once, and fall-through logic doesn't work in macros. A macro will only ever cast the first GCD-bound ability it gets to, whether it succeeds or not; subsequent lines will only fire if they're off the GCD.

Which is why it works with your warrior macro. HS is off the GCD. That macro isn't casting Execute or HS based on whether Execute is available. It's trying to cast both every time, and if you have the rage for both while you're in Execute range, it will.

For aspects, put a ! in front of the aspect:
/cast !Aspect of the Fox

! means to only toggle an ability on, never off.
Thanks for the ! addition and I also undertand why Kill command won't work. The ! addition to my macro makes it work like I intended it to.

Thank you for your time,

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