Post your ideas to fix Healing Priests....

10/07/2012 12:50 PMPosted by Isâbellâ
I should have leveled my druid instead.... I'm still butthurt about divine hymn getting taken away from Disc but I'm too stubborn to switch to Holy!

Try it.

No, really. Holy still has some mana issues, but it's like night and day from disc. I was stubbornly disc-ing because I didn't want to holy.

I've now switched my disc spec to shadow :(

The (not great) solution right now may well be to fall back on Holy, like the solution was to fall back on dis in 4.2.

While Holy's mastery is back end (and therefore :( ), right now it's getting real use. And, oddly, the addition of Lightspring is providing an effective set and forget and quite substantive passive (even for raids where players are capable of interacting with LWs. LS takes any effort out of it.)

A quick looksee at WoL suggests that most classes are milking their passive healing and their instant casts for really responsive and effective healing.

Holy may not be as effective at matching the capability of the other classes (frankly I look at number like 40-45% of effective healing through passives and die a little) but at least it's not as wing clipped as Dis in this regard.

If I was going to suggest changes to Dis to make it a little more appealing I'd be looking at issues of casting rates and effort involved.

I don't really like feeling pressured to use PI with Spirit Shell.
I don't really like feeling I'm losing out on BT because I can't afford to shield much.
I don't really like feeling I need to stack crit to proc Aegis on my stronger single target casts (because chain PoH casting is too expensive).
I don't really like feeling I need to actively monitor all my single target aegis procs so I can use that breathing room to either time my smite chains to build wings or, if I got lucky with the encounter timers, to take full/actual advantage of Spirit Shell.

So off-the-cuff wish list for me at this point:

Spirit Shell proccing a BT buff would be nice. I would prefer it to be much less than 15sec of shell building. I'd prefer a considerably shorter duration buildup, proccing a longer duration shell, with built in BT (or equivalent) hastening the building casts.

I'd certainly prefer one or two single target heals giving a guaranteed Aegis. I understand we can't have blanket Aegis. That'd be Illuminated Healing and that's only for special people (:P). But a couple more spells on the list surely wouldn't hurt. It's not so OP that it has to be RNG throttled, surely. And it'd certainly help with planning my smite chains.
Lots of great ideas Iapetus, but....

Halo no longer deals damage.
Dark Halo no longer heals.

10/07/2012 10:30 AMPosted by Reduct
Disc is so broken right now it would take massive changed to the class to fix them. Even though GC said healing priests are fine so changes prolly wont be made, if they are, it won't be till a big patch which is a ways off. Level your other classes for the time being.

Truth. For 2 X-pacs priest have been moving in the direction of limiting and shrinking our tools while other classes have been moving towards versatility and expanded capability. We passed each other going opposite directions sometime in early Cata, and have both moved further down those roads since.

Healing priests are the Locks of MoP. Mechanics are so pointlessly convoluted and complicated that many will be benched until a full overhaul of the class is implemented.

Holy can have its numbers buffed and be useful. Some will play this heal bot with (relative to other healers) weak utility, but disc is done for this x-pac. It will take pretty extensive core changes to disc to make it worthwhile. A patchwork fix like they implemented at cata launch will not save it this time.
Just to clarify, the only reason I suggest removing the non-main spec perks (ie; shadow healing) from Divine Star and Halo is that I feel like it takes up part of the 'spell budget' almost like a penalty of sorts. If this is not the case and we're not being taxed for them then by all means, keep the damage and heals there. (Just make a glyph that removes the damage portion as Holy/Disc)
Take the movement speed from Inner Will and put it on Inner Fire, then give Inner Will the spell power buff from Inner Fire, for one.

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