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I was pretty unlucky with my Alchemy discoveries back in the day and am still missing a couple Alchemy discoveries from the Burning Crusade era (the first expansion in which a discovery system was implemented).
During WotLK and Cataclysm it was possible to retroactively still make the discoveries while crafting the newer elixirs, flasks and potions, meaning creating a WotLK or Cata potion, flask or elixir gave you a small chance to also discover a Burning Crusade recipe.

Here are the recipes I'm talking about:

Can anyone confirm if the above also holds true for MoP?
Is there an actual chance to make one of the BC discoveries (potions and flasks) when using MoP recipes?
nothing concrete here, but my experiences...

I power leveled alchemy in 5.0 from 1-600 and the only new recipes that I learned once I was making MOP items were more MOP recipes. Now I have learned all of the MOP recipes and still have many unlearned recipes from burning crusades/wrath.

I'm not much of a completest though and don't care. All I wanted were the MOP recipes so i'm happy ;) I will say this though, the wrath research skill is still I could do more research...but I think its a waste of money (for me at least)
I made I don't know how many potions, elixirs and flasks and only ever discovered one BC recipe (other than the transmutes). I don't know how low the discovery chance was, but it could stand to be boosted.
I discovered all BC recipes back in the day. I did that mainly because I was elixir spec, really pumping those puppies out like mad.

I did that in BC because elixirs and flasks were profitable. This later seemed to change (to where the mats were always worth more, even if you procced.)

I never really checked wrath, but I think I got all of them too (were there even discoveries in that, can't remember?)

I do rememember, in either BC or wrath, getting one discovery WAYYYYY late (when I'd totally forgot that I did not have them all.)

MOP is coming right along. I think I've got all of them, or nearly all. I've only been discovering mop recipes, though.
I'm trying to lean some new alchemy recipes, but I'm not really getting anywhere.
Is the proc for discovery just really low, or am I missing something?
I've been making Master Mana Potions and Alchemist's Rejuv but I haven't learned anything new for a while.

Alchemist Rejuv is grey, will it still provide discovery?

I jsut did a stint of about 20 master mana potions and then 48 master healing potions and got 0 new potions. Is this a normal rate?
Grey have a very small but chance of a discovery, your better off making the highest level you can.

From the look of it you already have every mop recipe . BC discoveries had a very low discovery rate, ie 600 elixers to get one.
What I'm really interested in learning is the primal diamond, from I can tell it is discovery only, but one of the statements on the page about the new profession system makes it sound like I should carry the reagents for that diamond in order to have a better chance of learning it?

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