They're always in the way! In a tight spot? Guess where you're demon is; right on top of you.

Demon right on top of you and you're trying to loot something? Ha!

Trying to fish and your demon is around? Guess who's gonna make a nuisance of themselves?

Oh sure! Dismiss the demon, or use the "move-to" function, nothing like having to do all that just to loot one item, or gather something, or pick up something. Hopefully you remember that before actually trying to loot and someone doesn't beat you to the item.

Is it possible to have the demon programmed that it will move behind you if it can't be beside you? Or maybe the user is able to click through the demon?
It's not so bad when you're taller than three apples high.
Its your fault for being a gnome.

I'm surprised your felguard doesn't punt you.
Gah! My pride!

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