Avenger's shield

Hello Blizzard and lads, recently while I was Tanking and pulling mobs in Scarlet Hall with my Avenger's shield, and I am always targetting the caster first with this ability and i inssist on that. I saw that, The scilence part of that skill is broken, it dont scilence on the pull, the mob after being pulled start casting right after, instead of being scilenced and running to me. Otherwise, after pulling, doing the skill on casters that are casting spells or not scilence them. I dont know if its just me but after running many instances and trying to figure out whats happening with that spell, it seems that pulling with Avenger's shield dont scilence like it suppose to, but during a fight it do the job.

sorry for the bad English... I french and learning and trying. Have a good one everyone :D
What's really weird is it does silence on the pull in other instances so it seems specific to this instance. The only time I've seen this happen is in Scarlet Halls in the church at the end of the instance. The first few pulls I run outside so they don't wonder into other packs, but once the first area is clear if I need to pickup another mob I tag with Judgement then AS to silence once they start casting since trying to pull with AS doesn't seem to work. I know it hit them because my shield goes flying off into space if it doesn't.

If a blue happens to see this it would be interesting to know if there is something special about those mobs that makes it not work as expected. It might be worth updating your post title to something more descriptive of the issue.

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