Instant Gratification?

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I have been playing WoW wince 2006 and have enjoyed all of the changes in the game. I always thought it was too difficult itially to level and gear up in vanilla. I was happy to see the game evolve to allow people to LFD and comeplete dungeons faster to gear up for greater challanges. That being said, I am noticing a trend on a few things.

Know Your Role
A lot of people are pulling and DPSing and Healing on the lower levels (15-85). The problem with this is that people bring that behavior in to the more challenging levels and cause wipes and or the group to fall apart. Practice makes habit. Allowing people to behave one way at lower levels only sets up their expectations for end game that they should be doing and bahaving as they always do.

Know your Class
I don't know what is causing this but I would bet it is the fast leveling, the instant gratification of RaF leveling more likely. I was in a dungeon and was realizing I was having a problem pulling large groups because DPS was not high enough. So, it was time to use some CC so I would not drop as the tank.
    I mark the target.
    I ask the hunter to CC marked target. Silence.
    I wait 10 seconds and ask again. Silence.
    Now I'm thinking AFK, so I wait again. Then I get the response. "I don't have that spell".
    Oh boy. So then I say "Please freeze trap". Again, "I don't have that spell".

I immediately know this person has no idea how to play their hunter and should NOT be running dungeons. Go quest. They left without me even getting a chance to school them.

The Problem
Since the game has gotten easier, casual players are less skilled and lack understanding or willingness to understand how to play the game in specific ways, like dungeons or raids. Rapid leveling seems to be to blame as users do not learn their class or what makes their class unique. I am seeing this more and more as the years go by.

In My Day
Yeah yeah. I walked uphill both ways in the snow storm. There is something to be said for working hard for something and earning your way versus taking things for granted and feeling entitled and oblivious.

The Solution
Stop nerfing game content and FORCE people to complete some dungeon content on the lower levels before they can move into higher level dungeons. Maybe a quest challenge for new spells that offer fun rewards?

No TLDR Summary. Please read. Not a Wall of Text. :)

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