7850 poor performances.

Technical Support
Greetings. I recently upgraded from a 5770 to a 7850 to notice that my performances are rather poor. I'm getting about 20~30 FPS on Ultra, and I'm pretty confident I was getting more from my old card.

My setup:
AMD Phenom II X4 @ 3.2 GHz
Sapphire 7850 1GB.

Also using the latest drivers for pretty much everything I have, and I doubt my set up should have any troubles running this.

Also, AFAIK, it only does that in Blizzard games. I don't have any issues running games such as BF3, Borderlands 2, Metro 2033, etc.
I am also having the same problem. The performance isn't terrible, but changing graphics settings doesn't seem to do anything to help the issue. It seems to be some sort of compatibility thing, and I'm also wondering if anyone had any ideas on fixes. The latest drivers are installed.
I'm having the same problem too.

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