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Death Knight
still working my way up to 90. the pvp vids i have seen come out recently show arms just wrecking most everything including both frost and uh dk. second wind seems like it would be much easier for an uh dk to deal with than most other toons though. i guess its if we can live through the 1 shot macro burst avatar deal. i am interested more in uh pvp than frost (just frost for leveling). any uh dk have any experience in recent times with arms warriors?
Thanks pachyderm. If you guys find any good dueling videos for this that are current i would love to see them.

Is there an addon that will display range? That would be awesome and a bit key to staying in that sweet spot where they can't charge and can't hit... i believe that is 6 to 7 yards (5 is melee range and 8 is charge range), so that is not a lot of wiggle room (i guess skilled play reward here).

Do our defensive cds allow us to live through a zerg from them? If they have shockwave probably... but some take the dragons roar for that burst cd window of instant death.
Haven't tried it yet but death siphon might be nice as an additional ranged attack (unholy) while kiting arms warriors.
If we Pop Uber Cooldowns, Kite. Kite them in a Range of where they can't Charge you, they may try to take a few steps away from you to get out of the Limited Range Barrier between you two so he can Charge you again, Just chase him but not to close. Once his CD's are done with you could prolly take him down if you Pop some of your CD's. That's what most DKs I run into mistakenly do, Think they are the one that will overcome a warrior that has All of his CD on him, Recklessness, Avatar, Trinket, and when he hits you with Dragon Roar, he will, hit you hard.

Obviously, I'm not much of an Advice giver, but hope this will help you in the grounds of facing a warrior. See you in the Battlegrounds. :)
Yes it's all about the kite.

Soul reaper > second wind too.

Blood presence. Death strike when he pops die by the sword. Heal before you get to 20% otherwise execute will fuk you up bad.

It's tough but you can do it.
Katamie--> thanks for your input. i am sorry if this is a no brainer... but how do you kite an arms warrior with avatar up? my thoughts would be that you can try and pop deaths advance for the run speed? maybe pop a des ground for the no snare on you? ghoul stun maybe? just seems like we will NOT be able to kite an arms warrior with avatar up very well. am i missing something?

maybe what we can do is pop our defensive cds and hope to live through it? IBF to break a stun and take far less damage for a portion of the time. maybe make sure not to stack cds... like stun when IBF is not on you so that you get more seconds of defensive cd management?

our defenseive cds to use for this time are: ghoul sac, ghoul stun, lich heals and IBF.

again... if anyone finds any good dueling vids i would love to see them.
It's hard to kite a good war during avatar because he will have you snared. But IBF+Blood presence is 30% reduction and your deathstrike heals for considerably more. Use ghoul stun then as well after IBF wears off like you said. 3-4 seconds off the duration of them ripping you a new one will help a bit.

Also handy tip:
Death grip the warrior to you while your pet is DT then use pet charge to root the warrior for a few seconds.

Conversion is pretty handy talent for duelling warriors actually. With glove bonus of 10rp for CoI plus the 2 pce bonus of RP generation you can kind of death strike/kite and heal yourself up pretty nicely while in blood presence. You'll be able to outlast his CDs then you go unholy pres and drop your bombs on him.

Watch out for the soul reaper reflect too. I haven't witnessed this but I've heard about it. You can probably soak the damage with ams, so use ams when you get them low enough to use soul reaper.
Haven't seen any vids myself since mop. Skill capped has been too quiet recently :/. I can see it being tough but watching vids from the warriors perspective, like you've been doing will certainly help.

I think almost all warriors are taking Double time (2 charges 20 sec cooldown but the cooldown starts when they use the first charge) and a lot will be going safeguard over mass spell reflect, especially in duels i imagine. Which means they will be able to intervene their banners whilst breaking movement impairing effects. Also note those banners don't share a cd so they can drop mocking or demo (the only 2 with a placement reticle) as intervene comes off cd, while holding skull banner for burst. As was mentioned, you really want to stop that charge, as it gives a nice chunk of rage, but it will not be easy.. The best you may be able to hope for, is making hem blow a heroic leap or banner/intervene to get the initial charge going.

Last but not least the pvp set bonus is a short sprint after heroic leap. Knowledge is power! Just do your best to keep them off you! Good luck guys :)
The best thing you can do to us is kite us when we pop most or all our offensive CDs. Burst them down when they reach their Second Wind stage, which is at 35% Health.
Pffft.... Can't believe Dks are having trouble with wars.
why wouldn't dk have trouble with warriors?

check out the dk in this vid:

the warrior posted it in the dd forum.
Chillblain and 5 yard radius kiting is my advice. Death Advance is nice, but in my opinion it's not efficient as chillblain. Chain of ice stops warriors at 30 yard away thus opening move is messed up for them, if they don't glyph long charge.
Spec Blood... Enjoy never being killed by any 1 person ever again.
10/05/2012 07:39 PMPosted by Conkyy
Spec Blood... Enjoy never being killed by any 1 person ever again.

If you have trouble with Blood Dks as a mage... The problem isn't the Blood Dk..
Nah I haven't fought one as my mage I was speaking as my Blood DK that I'm leveling. Nobody can gank me but the few that have gotten close were casters. I beat a 90 Warrior at 86. Melee doesn't stand a chance against Blood 1v1 from what I've seen thus far but like I said I'm only 86.
That's because they're a tank spec based on healing up the damage they take. If you feed them DS's they WILL heal indefinitely. However, if you're ranged with a brain or any melee that's not a warrior you can kite them to death, anyone can get away from them easily enough though.
10/04/2012 04:06 PMPosted by Kätämie
Blood presence.

Go blood, they are OP.

10/05/2012 07:39 PMPosted by Conkyy
Spec Blood... Enjoy never being killed by any 1 person ever again.

i've found killing blood dk's as a frost dk isn't too hard. stack necro's and they won't be able to heal up while you take them down.

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