Massive lag since MoP release

Technical Support
Could someone please tell me why after MoP went live I'm experiencing lag even in old content like Wrath raids which I never had problems before?...I've changed allot of my settings and nothing has helped...Never before in any cata or wrath content did I lag until after MoP went live...

I remember reading somewhere on the forums about this being an issue for allot of people and its an issue not only for myself but allot of my guildies as well..Is this being looked into still or has this been fixed on Blizzards end?
I have actually had much better numbers since MoP released with FPS > 150 at all times.

I would suggest a full UI reset to confirm it's not an add-on problem. We see so many problems like this that turn out to be easily corrected with a UI reset.
Thank you, For now it seems my issue has been fixed...I was so relieved to see not only is the lag seeming to be gone but I'm able to play on a higher Resolution now...Appreciate the help!
why does the game always lag the first few weeks when the games is released?

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