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Guild Recruitment
<Zen> of Deathwing is looking for new members of all classes and specs! We're a tight-knit adult community of semi-hardcore raiders and casual gamers looking to rebuild our roster after a number of our members departed WoW. This is not a huge guild--our intent is to keep a relatively small roster of active players who enjoy playing together.

We run two raid groups, A Core (semi-hardcore) and B Core (semi-casual). We have no raiding representation of the following classes in either group: Monk, Shaman, Priest, Warlock, Warrior, Druid. Players of these classes are strongly encouraged to apply!

A Core: T-Th, 7PM MST (server time). Wednesdays may be added during progression, depending on the needs of the content. Currently recruiting one full-time healer, one off-healer, and two DPS, with a preference for ranged. Full on DKs and Paladins, and would prefer not to have another Rogue. All A Core positions are competitive--please know your stuff, be 90, and be geared to start raiding! You'll need to fill out ALL sections of the application fully. NOTE: If you're applying to A Core as a Monk, please also list your previous main so we have an idea of your past experience.

B Core: Thursdays, 7PM MST (server time). Currently recruiting all classes, all roles, all specs. B Core is currently slated to begin raiding on Thursday, October 25th. B Core welcomes those who are new to WoW or to raiding.

Casuals and PvPers: Non-raiders are also welcome in Zen! While we currently have no organised runs of old content or BGs, members of the guild are free to set up groups for whatever they'd like to run; if we get enough people who are interested, achievement groups will be hosted on Sunday evenings at 7PM server time. And of course, alts are always welcome--most of our members are altoholics.

We use Mumble for our voice chat, and the ability to use it along with a working microphone is MANDATORY for all raiders. If you're unfamiliar with the program, or are having technical difficulties, we'll be happy to assist you.

Contact: Heraqawa (Saadi#1944), Temperd, or Risingblood; alternatively, whisper any member of Zen and ask to speak to an officer!
Website: wowzen.enjin.com All applications are handled through the website. If you're applying for an A Core position, please fill out all sections of the application; log parses are unnecessary at this point though very nice to have. UI screenshots should preferably be in-combat.
Still urgently seeking healers and caster DPS!

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