Ferals and dks, not too shabby

I was able to do some 2s with my dk buddy. It was alot of fun, arena doesn't seem to be as broken as everyone is making it out to be.

The only thing i noticed was this, locks have some sort of cd idk what it is or if its counterable, but it heals through the dks and my burst combined, which mind you is ALOT. The fears suck from spreists/locks, I dont recall fear breaking from damage once, but it couldve but i dont know. The ability for bm hunter to do insane burst while being unable to attack (the summon beasts stuff + deterrence + 5 pet heals or whatever those things are). The burst itself isnt bad but there should be a sure fire way to counter it IMO. Warriors didnt come off as crazy super OP, with me properly off healing we survived decently against most war comps.

We won majority of our games, we were farmed by multiple spriests/mages then we figured out how to beat them and farmed them :). Pally teams give us the most trouble specifically holypally cause of bubble. But thats to be expected. We never lost to any other healer teams except one resto sham war who were at 2k and a feral/disc at 1600.

I just wanted to share all this cause i had a blast and enjoy talking about it.

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