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Cynical is a newly reformed guild with players that were around in Burning Crusade and raided up to this expansion. We currently have 3 players that we started up with and we're trying to get more people to start raiding. Our current roster is a Prot Warrior, Holy Paladin, Holy Priest, so at this point we need 5 dps a healer and a tank.

At this point we don't have any application or anything like that, if you're interested we'll more than likely just talk to you on vent or in-game and ask a few questions and what not in the interest of getting people in to start a raid group. Anyone is welcome to inquire about joining just sent me a tell or add my battletag Tandellon#1868.

Our raid days/times will be Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday, 6-9 server time.

All 3 leaders are experienced and seasoned raiders and have lead guilds in the past, we just need you wonderful beautiful people of Stormreaver to climb on board with us <3.

Edit: Got enough healers but will still take healers, cause more is always better, still need a tank and dps!
Still need people! Mainly dps! How odd that I can't find any dps at all
Getting more interest, need more people to commit!
Need 4 dps and a tank to get started!

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