Afflock execute phase?

Hi all, I've been wondering about refreshing dots <20%. At how many seconds do we refresh, and do we always use SB:SS to refresh dots?

Also, do we clip DS to refresh dots/cast Haunt?

You won't finish a DS cast because you'll want 100% uptime on haunt. You want to stop casting DS just after a tick though, so an addon for tracking when it ticks is handy. And yes, you'll use SB:SS to refresh DoTs every time during execute phase. As for time, when UA is <6 seconds or so. They'll all be placed as their base duration so you'll be throwing your DoTs back up fairly often. You'll want to do it when you cast Haunt so you don't interrupt DS twice.

Hope you understood all that. I know the answer, I'm just bad at explaining.
You actually want to clip haunt with haunt. Haunt hits for insane damage and the debuff is 25% more damage from all your spells so you could be getting 120k haunt crits if you are doing it right. In a perfect world the new haunt lands when the old on has about a second left on it. Also when you chose to refresh your dots is situational. You don't want to do it before half the duration is gone obviously. If you know that you are going to have a haunt and DS cooldown lining up I try to refresh them so they have the highest time on the boss so I can chain cast MG un interupted while DS and haunt are up in a burn phase. Other wise just do it around the last tick or two of the dot. One last thing never ever let agony fall off. It has a ramp up time till it stacks to 10 and you lose a lot of damage if it falls off.

Another situation where you might want to refresh a bit higher in the life time of the dot is if you have used a potion or have a proc that is about to wear off and say you have 6 seconds left on your corruption. I think its a dps boost if you refresh it then before its gone rather then waiting till right before the last tick at 2 seconds.
Ves, he was asking only about execute phase.
Haunt actually hits harder than Drain Soul (per its cast time). Ideally you want to SB:SS to refresh dots, making sure you always have enough shards to spam Haunt on Haunt action and keeping dots above the time needed to channel another DS tick.

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