less CC it's overwhelming

seriously. I'm doing 2s and I'm literally disgusted at the amount of cc almost every ranged class has. lock out some of it from 3s and !@#$ already. It's getting really old being cc'd an entire game or having druids travel form and just kite you wasting your time.

travel form= remove it from rated stuff already. it's a joke and people are abusing it. 9/10 of the druids I've faced have abused this in 2s, i can't imagine 3s
CC= WAY WAY to much.

this is almost as bad as rogues hiding for an entire game. it's cheap BS like that, that has made me quit before.
How is travel form breaking anything in PvP? O.o
10/04/2012 11:16 PMPosted by Psyopz
CC makes PvP much more interesting. If you want a CC-less environment in which the person who can tunnel damage the best wins, play PvE.

Ever heard of moderation? I don't think anybody's asking for there to be no CC, but less CC than there currently is, especially instant cast CC mechanics. Especially instant cast ranged CC mechanics for ranged DPS.

CC makes things interesting, but not when most classes are capable of their own 20+ second CC chains.

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