Powerhot or Barrage?

Whats currently better for pve and/or pvp?
is glaive toss a option here? Because its very very good in pve and pvp.
Glaive toss is best for PVE at the moment. It's also very viable in PVP as well.
Gliave for both.

Barrage does pitiful damage in PvP, and in PvE the cast time breaks the rotation.

Power shot is ok for giggles in PvP, but its just too impractical and way too easy to avoid.
Ahh I guess i read glaive wrong. Thanks.
Glaive is probably what you want for pve.
Barrage, while being imo the coolest looking, has bad tendencies to spin your character and spray arrows into unsuspecting groups of mobs that the tank did not pull....

And powershot has a cast time, ew.
I like barrage and glaive, powershot was meh.
barrage is fun and with packs if small mobs the numbers fly
Barrage IS fun, however it's also a potential wipe and not as much dps as glaives. I do love firing off barrage, with a gun it sounds like an actual machine gun I'm chewing up everything in range with. That's also the problem though ;p First you have to position yourself so you don't hit anything beyond your targets and pull it too, then you have to hope the mob you're targetting doesn't move! So many times playing with it I had the tank shift the mobs, barrage tracked it round and oh, another pack pulled. Glaives is more dps and looks awesome, try it!
Barrage is the fun AoE ability that after you've used it, no matter if you're questing or raiding....you instantly regret it; and in PvP it's like hitting them with a hundred wet noodles...irritating (then all of a sudden spaghetti)
Glaive's are like a super-charged Arcane shot, that slows and has small aoe ability, but it's on a short cd. It also scares the piss out of unsuspecting raid members because they think it's from the boss while it's on it's return trip. :)
Powershot is fun, I guess, when you're doing Tillers dailies and someone tries to gank you, and you knock them off a mountain (if they don't stun you first)
Here's my take. I've been playing with all three shots. I don't really like Glaive toss and am somehow not seeing much in the way of dps output from it. Barrage, if it nails one target does a satisfying sort of cut-down on the target's health bar. Powershot does a decent amount of damage, but not only does it have a cast time (in addition to costing you focus), but it also has a cooldown! WTF!

I've caught unintended attacks from Barrage. Hated Powershot because it sucks. And kinda just don't like Glaive Toss, even though it seems to be the preferred top tier talent.

I'm sure it seems silly, but I really am fond of barrage. Should I suck it up and go back to Glaive Toss?
12/06/2012 03:58 PMPosted by Lerian
Should I suck it up and go back to Glaive Toss?

Depends. If you've ever wiped at a few hundred k hp left on a boss (it has happened more to me than it should) you will have to live with the knowledge that it is your fault. Otherwise it doesn't matter. GT, like everything else in our kit, is simply a cumulative effect on our dps.


Barrage is competitive with Glaive Toss on most fights you go SV for.
I don't Raid or Dungeon, so I guess I won't worry about wiping anyone but my own self. LOL Barrage it is. :-)
I love barrage animation, I been playing around with glaive toss and barrage and really I cant notice a big dps difference as survival, play with both and see what fits better to you, like people already stated, barrage can sometimes pull unsuspected mobs if you are not careful, but apart from that I love barrage.
Sadly, "unsuspected mobs" sometimes means chickens on my farm. LOL There I am, trying to pelt a vermin, and I lose two chickens way across the farm. :p

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