Tracking Malefic Graps Ticks

Dose anyone know a good cast bar for Malefic Grasp? I am using Gnosis and it doesn't have the spell set up to display the ticks and I haven't been able to find the right settings to enter it manually.
I'm pretty sure the addon Castbars shows when Malefic Grasp, Drain Life and Drain Soul will tick.
I use Quartz.
ElvUI cast bar shows when they tick
I use Quartz. It does what it needs to do and doesn't throw in a bunch more that you don't want.
I apparently need to update Quartz, then. Mine isn't showing Malefic Grasp ticks (though it does show Drain Soul ticks).
I had to delete and re-install my quartz to get it to show ticks again. But now it works great.

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