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From my runs, I've had raid-geared players (usually Boomies, Frost DKs spamming Howling Blast and Obliterate, and on one occasion an Spriest) outDPS me by around 20-30% of what I was doing, depending on the fight. Otherwise, I usually manage to stay 2nd or 3rd in most Heroic runs by a narrow margin in both BM and SV. Sometimes I even top the charts, especially in AoE heavy fights with Barrage as my Lv90 talent (don't plan on using it in tightly packed areas though--trust me. You're better off with Glaive Toss for everything else).

The better BM hunter in my guild (and honestly, he's our Hunter mentor) can routinely outDPs me by about 5k of what I'm doing.

MM, though...don't get me started. I love the fix to Master Marksman requiring you to only have 3 stacks for the free Aimed Shot, but even players like Brang suspect that MM in this xpac will retain its high-end gear dependency from WotLK. Zumio on the other hand has given up almost all hope on SV and MM. Then again, that's them. Other players may have different results.

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I've been looking at reports and parses from the recent raids that have been reporting in, our burst is incredible but then when it comes to casting cobra/steady shot we take a nosedive and never come back up. So basically being fiberlocked into using regen spells is giving an Aspect of the Viper-like effect.

Casting too many Steadies/Cobras now can drop your DPS by around 1-2k in the span of a few seconds, perhaps more. At least that's what I've seen using Recount.
*glares at Aestiàh*

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This thread's title reminded me SO MUCH of "The Giving Tree"'s end.

Come, boy. Come sit.

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