Out with the Scouts quest

Bug Report
Cannot see the Shao-Tien Precursors to complete this quest.
From another post:

Ok, after MUCH trouble even starting these quests, miraculously mine appeared today at the pagoda, i was sent to this, and like everyone else the stone cat 'precursors' are missing....

However it seems they have noticed this.... Shao-tien Fist and Shao-tien Aintiquator both give credit as 'precursors' and are found near The Five Sisters..... Southish of the ruins you get sent too

This worked for me.
I also have this problem and it is causing me quite a bit of trouble. I turned in the quest "The Guo Lai Halls" and it seems to have phased me out of the quest area for "Out with the Scouts" as the Precursors are no longer visible. This is keeping me from unlocking the dailies in this area and gaining any rep with the Golden Lotus. A timely fix for this would be greatly appreciated.

Confirmed: Above suggestion does work. Seeing if any further quests have issues.

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