Elemental PvE Macros?

Hi all,

A baddie here.

I'm progressively trying to improve upon my skills (still have to gem & enchant gear) in order to progress through content with other players at a consistent pace. I'm reading up on Icy Veins as far as my rotation goes and monitoring my damage meters through fights. I'm only a PvE type of guy, in which I never step in the realm of PvP.

What are some macros to help out? What's the stop cast macro all about? Also, what classes should I be falling behind in DPS if all the stars are aligned correctly?
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What are some macros to help out?

Beyond possible macros combining Heroism/Stormlash or Ascendance/EM there isn't much beyond the standard /cast spell [target=focus] type macros.

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What's the stop cast macro all about?

Please don't tell me anyone is supporting a stop cast macro to interrupt other things in favor of lava burst procs. There is almost no situation where that's any sort of gain -.-
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What's the stop cast macro all about?

i use these for my interrupt/dispels but you really dont need it for any other reason in pve.

I have my big CD macro where i

/cast ascendance
/cast berserking
/cast lifeblood

I suppose you could tie stormlash to that too but idk.

otherwise ele doesnt need that many macros
I'm Enhancement but most of my macros are space savers such as:

/cast [nomod] Lightning Bolt
/cast [mod:alt] Chain Lightning

/use [nomod] Searing Totem
/use [mod:alt] Magma Totem
/use [mod:ctrl] Fire Elemental Totem

/use [nomod] Flame Shock
/use [mod:alt] Frost Shock

/use [nomod] Capacitor Totem
/use [mod:alt] Grounding Totem

/use [nomod] Stone Bulwark Totem
/use [mod:alt] Shamanistic Rage
/use Healthstone

Which I haven't tested properly as I'm still just leveling and questing and I can't have my warlock send my shaman a healthstone. :( lol But, the idea is that I should always eat the healthstone as well as use one of my damage reduction abilities.

However, I do have some that I found that are very useful.

#showtooltip Hex
/clearfocus [modifier:alt]
/focus [@focus,noexists]
/cast [@focus,exists][@target,exists] Hex
/e places a voodoo hex on %t.
/y Let %t hop around like the frog it is and it won't attack you!

That one will focus whoever you're crowd controlling and notify others about it. The emote and yelling might be overdoing it a bit but I suggest making something that'll let your group know that you're hexing someone and who. The only problem I have is that it'll emote if I hit the wrong button or if the target is immune and my spell failed.

#showtooltip Bind Elemental
/clearfocus [modifier:alt]
/focus [@focus,noexists]
/cast [@focus,exists][@target,exists] Bind Elemental
/e commands the nearby elements to bind %t
/y Don't attack %t as I have bound it!

Does all the same as the Hex macro.

/cast [@focus,exists][@target] Wind Shear

In case you are on interrupt duty on someone in particular, this will always WS your focused target.

/cast [nomod, help] Cleanse Spirit
/cast [nomod, harm] Purge
/cast [mod:ctrl, @focus] Purge
/cast [mod:alt, @player] Cleanse Spirit

This one will automatically cleanse a friendly target or purge a non-friendly target depending on which you have currently targeted. It'll purge your focus (i.e. healer in PvP) on ctrl and when you hit alt, which is the default to cast a spell on yourself, it'll cleanse you.
Remember cleanses have an 8s CD now for everybody.

As far as specific elemental macros I really have no idea.
I'm Enchancement

Dunno why people continue to call them Enchance, Enchancement or Ench... Its clearly, the class is an Enhancement Shaman...
Thanks all for the replies!

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