Battlegrounds are BS

I have been bging for the last few days i have won 0. Im trying to understand why and one of my conclusions is that every bg i have gone into the horde have 1-3 healers. I understand that they might have more healers but come on is there not a way to que like into a random dungeon.
Hey man, it happens to us hordies too. I'm just never going to play anything that involves controlling a point because 90% of the horde does not know the meaning of fighting on top of objectives.
Horde have had more healers in every single BG my mage has run this week so the whole "horde always have less healers" stuff is a fallacy. I have also won about half of these BGs, so it is also a fallacy that the team with more healers always wins.
in my battlegroup alliance typically have 3-4 healers out of 10 and sometimes they're all resto druids, while horde have boomkin druids and ret pallys for healin;'

just the way it is.

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