Whats your Monk Name?

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10/05/2012 03:31 PMPosted by Metrikk
Interestingly, a couple of weeks ago I rolled a human warrior on some random server to check out how CRZ worked. I didn't really care what his name was so I let the WoW random name picker choose. WoW picked Arrex. How's that for an inappropriate name?

I don't get it.

I did once see Pervee though.
My monk was named Somboti :)
<------ Hey, Hello, How ya doing?
Fufighter, like the band.

I also thought about naming him MistsOfFury.
Pandas. Martial Arts. How could I not go with "Genmasaotome"?
<------- Sorry to the person that said he would rip out his hair, but this is my name as well.
my monk's name is Renwoxing
I am crispy and delicious.
Went with this
I'm so creative.

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