Beeroism Of Eonar Recruiting 1 Dps

Guild Recruitment
We are a small tight knit 10 man raiding guild on eonar who run a consistant 2 night a week raid schedule. The atmosphere is very relaxed and drama free but we do take raids seriously and would expect a solid performance and a stable connection.
Since we run a small roster 100% attendance would be expected but rl situations obviously take priority. We will be starting our MoP raiding on october 23 and our raid times are 9:30 - 12:30 server. We do run logs and always strive to better ourselves, even on a light schedule we have always done well and had a blast doing it! If you are looking for a solid home for MoP then we may be the place for you, check out our site for guild details and applications.
Still looking for a dps!
Come join our team!
still looking for 1 dps :)

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