Best class/spec to solo Onyxia 10

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Mount farming!

Need some tips about best class/specs to take on Onyxia at 10. I know at 90 that most classes can probably pull it off, but I'm looking for the fastest and most painless.

Aspects to the fight:
-Needs to be able to tank/self heal direct boss damage in phases 1 and 3
-During phase 2 needs to be able to effectively AoE frequently spawning weak adds, handle damage from stronger mobs, and dish out significant ranged damage while she's in the air.

I'd like to eventually get 5+ classes capable of doing her in 10 min or less. To potentially level again I have 2 locks, 2 druids, 2 shamans, 2 paladins, and 1 of everything else except monk.

Thanks for the tips
I do it easily on my shaman, my friend easily does it on his druid, and I did it at 85 on my pally. Shouldn't be too hard.
I used to do it as Guardian Druid and Prot Pally back at 85. Really wasn't hard.
rogues could do it at 85 i believe

i did it on my dk and shaman at 85



etc etc

anything at 90 can do it i would imagine.

youtube a bunch of onyxia solo kills from 85 and see which classes could do it.
DK takes some time, but I think Heart strike and Blood boil will still damage Onyxia when your underneath her killing whelps. I can't confirm though.
lvl 85 dk's and hunters can do it, as well as lvl 90 rogues (from personal experience).

DK: Tank as normal for p1 and p3. For p2, you can spread diseases onto Ony via pestilence from the adds (but you can't spread diseases onto adds from Ony). If the above dk is wrong on hitting her from underneath, there is always death coil and death siphon. Just don't let the adds get out of control.

Hunter: Use a tank pet. p1 and p3 are simple enough. My strategy for p2 is to use all of the snaring abilities possible on the initial whelp group (and more as needed). Web trap, blinding arrow, concussive barrage, ice slick all work well (that and explosive trap). You can also kill the bigger adds too with ease (old strategies called for feigning death to make them reset).

Rogue: p1 and p3: It's a dps check. Use all your dps and survival cd's on these phases. Oddly enough, p2 is the safest for you. Just FoK / CT the adds down and use recoup / leeching poison to get back to full health before bringing her down. You "can" use killing spree beneath Ony to hit her, but I wouldn't since it's nice to have in p3. If you're going to use a healing pot, I'd save it for p3 rather than p1 due to fear dragging the phase out (and leaving you without a defensive cd up).


If a rogue can do it, any hybrid class that can actually heal itself can do it.
Very easy as shadow at 90
Solo'ed it weekly on my Blood DK - as above poster mentioned, it's all about keeping diseases up on Ony when she's in the air, which with the new talent system is easy as (use blood boil underneath her & it will refresh the diseases for you) - also, keep throwing your DnD underneath where she is as that will also tick away on her.

At 90? It's a joke with a DK, doesn't take long at all.

I haven't tried to solo at 90 on my priest yet (admittedly a crappy spriest), but with a tank with me we have her dead long before she gets near casting a second fear when she lands. I'll try with my priest though, I think it should be easy enough.

And pretty much what others have said :)
I've soloed it twice now on my pally but phase 2 sucks I would it be easiest with DK or maybe a hunter
I did it on a 90 Warrior, Thank god for Second Wind, and Heroic Throw.

Didn't say it was fast, if you want the more dots achievement, take a ranged DPS with you.
This gives me something new and slightly interesting to do on this alt, thank you all <3

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